Additional services in home insurance

Additional services included in your DKV EcoHogar insurance

DKV EcoHogar is the first ecological home insurance that protects your home and takes care of your health and the environment. In addition to the classic cover of home insurance, you will have the following services at your disposal:

  • 24-hour home assistance

  • Handyman and household appliance repair service

  • Computer and technology assistance

  • Medical helplines, psychological assistance and DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar

  • Ecological services



A healthy, green, efficient and safe home

Discover all the additional services included in your DKV EcoHogar home insurance

24-hour home assistance

24-hour home assistance

Qualified professionals at your disposal 24/7 to fix and install household appliances, and to carry out home improvement work.

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EcoHogar handyman service

Handyman service

Professional assistance for installation, maintenance and home improvement work.

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Repairing household appliances

Repairing household appliances

Repair of household appliances without warranty and not older than 7 years (call-out and labour costs).

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Computer assistance

Computer and technology assistance

A computer technician will help you to solve issues with your PC and other computer devices, as well as the configuration of mobile phones, tablets, consoles, etc.

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Medical helplines

Medical advice, Psychological assistance and access to the DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar

Because we are health activists, we want to give you the peace of mind you need to take care of your well-being. That's why your DKV EcoHogar insurance includes telephone consultations with specialist doctors, medical advice for severe illnesses, special discounts on medical services and treatments through the DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar. In addition, you and your family can enjoy psychological assistance in difficult situations of your daily life.

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Find out how DKV EcoHogar takes care of and protects your home, family and environment

DKV EcoHogar, the first ecological home insurance designed for a greener, more efficient, safer and healthier home, based on four specific pillars: energy efficiency, indoor air quality, prevention of damage or harm to people and goods caused by the climate change, and consumption of ecological products.

We help you save on the heating and electricity bills and reduce CO2 emissions

We offer our customers innovative services of thermal insulation at subsidised prices that improve your home's energy efficiency. And we offer you discounts and prize draws for large household appliances to reduce your electricity bill.

We take care of the quality of the air you breathe in your home

This is why we only use paints with the EU Ecolabel in repairs.

We prevent your loved ones and goods from damage or harm caused by the climate change.

The climate emergency is causing increasingly frequent and extreme weather-related events. With DKV EcoHogar, we will warn you if any heavy rains, storms, strong winds, snowfall, heatwaves or cold waves, or an accumulation of suspended particles have been forecasted in your town/city. You will receive an SMS 24 hours before the event starts with recommendations to protect yourself and your home.

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