New coverage in health insurance for 2022


You are one of us! One of those who want to take care of themselves. To that end, we are taking a step further by offering you great new benefits and new cover in your policy, which you will be able to enjoy as of 1 January. Let's do it!


We want to be by your side so you take care of yourself!

Discover the new features that we will include in your policy as of 1 January 2022.


Extensive medical directory

We work with the best practitioners and hospitals and without having to pay extra for using them.

Dental coverage
Dental service included

More than 47 dental treatments included at no additional cost

Taking out the insurance
Guaranteed price

The price of your insurance will not be affected by you using your policy. (Exclusive for insurance taken out in the individual modality)

Work-related accident
Free medical assistance

For traffic or work-related accidents.

Examples of new cover included in your health insurance

Cutting-edge treatments and services to improve your Healthy Life Index

  • NUTRITION AND DIETETICS*: Extension of the obesity prevention and control programme for overweight children under 14 years of age (BMI between 25-29.9), subject to prior prescription by an endocrinologist or paediatrician, and up to the cover limits established in the general terms and conditions. *Exclusive cover in individual modality.

  • MINIMALLY INVASIVE ADVANCED ROBOTIC SURGERY: Robot-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy in renal carcinoma.

  • HIGH THERAPEUTIC TECHNOLOGY: Fusion-image guided prostate transperineal biopsy, using multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging and transrectal ultrasound, for the early detection of occult prostate cancer.

View the cover criteria set out in the general terms and conditions.

Services to take care of your emotional well-being

Count on DKV at all times

At DKV, we not only work to take care of your physical health, but we are also right here by your side to help you maintain a good emotional health, offering solutions for each of your needs.

  • Take care of your mind

Would you like to better manage your daily emotions? The "Take care of your mind" function in the Quiero cuidarme Más app provides access to self-care tools and a chat with a psychologist. In addition, in DKV Omm you can learn how to manage and improve your feelings and emotions.

  • Online psychology service

Are you facing a difficult situation? Through the Quiero cuidarme Más app, access the following:

• Personalised Health Plans monitored by a coach.

• Advice from a psychologist or psychiatrist via chat or video call.

• Also, guidance on the psycho-emotional line 900 810 675.

  • Virtual consultations with specialists

Do you need an in-depth diagnosis? Access online consultations with the most appropriate specialist.

  • Psychological support

Has the specialist prescribed you psychological support? Go to individual psychotherapy sessions, with the limits established in your policy.

  • Services through the DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar

Discounts on therapy to resolve family conflicts, digital detoxification, etc.

Quiero cuidarme Más app

Download our Quiero cuidarme Más app!


  • Video consultations with specialists and 24h medical chat

  • Request an appointment with multiple medical centres without having to call or go in person.

  • Receive, store and share your health documents.

  • All your electronic prescriptions without going to a consultation.

  • Analytical test request in your health folder.

  • Take care of your mind with the online psychology service and tools to manage your emotions.

  • Health coach to quit smoking, lose weight or track your pregnancy, among other benefits

Digital health services

See the new features in the Quiero cuidarme Más app's functions

Healthy life index

Management of health indicators, such as your physical activity, weight, blood pressure and others through challenges aimed at reaching your goals.

salud mental
Healthy living index

Personalised assessment with your parameters to define your healthy lifestyle.

symptom checker
Symptom checker

Check your symptoms for a first medical approach.

Medical directory
Medical directory

Check symptoms and activate a virtual consultation with the doctors included the DKV medical directory, general medicine or medical specialities by video, chat and voice. 24-hour medical chat service.

my health diary
My diary

Summary of your recent activity and the most relevant information about your healthcare procedures.

health folder
Health folder

Store and view your health documents, such as clinical analyses or medical reports. You can share them with our doctors, so they can review the results of your tests.

digital card

Your policy's digital card included in the app, so you always carry it with you.

my pharmacy
Mi farmacia

Chat with a pharmacist to clear up your doubts and easily request electronic prescriptions. You can also see the details of the prescribed medication, create alarms and purchase over-the-counter chemist products

DKV Health coach

A personal adviser via chat, who will help you on how to adopt healthier lifestyle habits, such as quitting smoking, losing weight and improving your physical activity.

Digital midwife
Digital midwife

Chat on your and your baby's health during pregnancy and postpartum

salud mental
Take care of your mind

Psychological guidance to solve issues that concern you.

Exclusive discounts
Club Offers

Product and service offering for being part of DKV Club Salud y Bienestar.

New in DKV Club Salud y Bienestar
DKV Club Salud y Bienestar
A world of advantages to enjoy

More than 500 health services with exclusive discounts.

Here are some of the new developments:

  • Green indoor plants with Interflora.

  • Expert and personalised home care with Qida.

  • Syncrolab, the app for re-educating children with ADHD from home

Access all the services via the Quiero cuidarme Más app on your iPhone, Android

We want to improve what surrounds us! With our four causes.

Are you one of us?

Against childhood obesity

Actions that fight against reducing overweight figures in children.

For the planet

We have obtained the Zero CO2 seal from ECODES. Our planet needs us, and we work towards protecting and recovering it.

For women's health

We no longer want to be mothers, but MalasMadres, which is why we are launching #TimeToTakeCareOfYourself

For inclusion

At the DKV Integralia Foundation, we work towards the social and professional integration of all people.

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