What is funeral insurance?

Having a funeral insurance policy in place will help your family financially while they are dealing with your loss

We all know that death is a part of life, and everyone reacts to loss in different ways. Having a funeral insurance policy in place will help your family financially while they are dealing with your loss. 

There are many ways of dealing with death, depending on our beliefs and how much it affects us. However, all deaths include burial fees, and this is where a funeral insurance can help at one of the most difficult times for your loved ones.

What is funeral insurance? 

Funeral insurance is a type of policy that covers all costs incurred from the death of a person, up to the insured capital limit. 

The main expenses covered by any funeral insurance are those corresponding to the period of time the casket is in the funeral home, the cost of the casket, the death notice, the hearse and the burial or cremation.

Basic funeral insurance also covers any other necessary death-related administration and paperwork. In most cases this type of coverage is included in the policy and all administrative procedures will be taken care of, including, among others:

  • Distribution of inheritance 

  • Deregistration from the Social Security 

  • Inscription in the civil registry 

  • Request for Full death certificate 

  • Application for pension, if required (widowhood, orphanhood, retirement or disability) 

  • Death certificate 

  • Death certificate and wills 

Additional coverage in funeral insurance 

In some cases, the death may occur in remote places away from home and repatriation of the body and relatives to the country of origin to receive burial will be required. In these cases, insurance companies offer the option of taking out cover that includes the cost of transferring the body to its country and often including the cost of the transfer of a family member who accompanies the body.

In cases where the death affects a direct family member and this family member is away from the family home, funeral insurance may cover the transfer costs of the aforementioned family member to the place of burial. 

The inclusion of this type of funeral insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance company. Sometimes, companies include some of this additional coverage in the basic insurance plan. In other cases, this type of coverage is only available as additional coverage and the cost of the premium will be higher. 

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