"The Good Farewell" death insurance


If traditional death insurance policies lack meaning for you, we propose you organise a different type of farewell. Take out an innovative insurance that focuses on celebrating life and makes sure that your wishes are met when you are no longer with us.

We want to tell you how!


Why choose DKV The Good Farewell?

We have broadened the range of rituals with the aim of providing an alternative to traditional farewell protocols. Explore the various options and design your funeral to your liking.


An offer of alternative rituals

For a farewell that represents you and not traditional symbols rooted in death.


A specialised death insurance

Reduce the environmental impact and pollution for future generations


Plan the moment

So it does not become a bitter farewell, so it brings together family and friends in a symbolic act.


Support and inspiration

With an adviser who will help you with all the procedures and take the burden off your relatives after you have passed away.

Taking out insurance by phone

Calculate and take out your death insurance

Call us with no strings attached at 974 880 111 and have an expert inform and help you throughout the process.

Cover and services

We know that death is a difficult and meaningful moment for your loved ones, and we believe that the farewell must represent what you were and wanted in life.

We want to help you protect and take care of your family at the time of your death, avoiding them feeling burdened in hard times and helping them focus on what really matters: saying their goodbyes to you, honouring your life and overcoming the grief of loss.

Funeral service provision​

We offer one of the best funeral services on the market, tailor-made to your customs and wishes.​


Transfer to any cemetery in the country​

We will take care of preparing and transferring the coffin to any Spanish town or city.​


Repatriation to your country of origin​

If most of your family lives in your home country, we will arrange for the repatriation of the deceased and pay for a return trip of a companion. We are the only insurer to include it without any extra cost in the death insurance policy!​

Telephone and legal assistance​

Everything starts with a simple phone call, at any time of the day. A professional adviser will go to wherever your family is located and provide a completely personalised service to accompany them throughout the entire process. In addition, your family will enjoy a support helpline for any query.

Psychological support​

Following a difficult time like this, what's most important is trying to cope with the loss of your loved one. As a result, your family will be offered psychological support during and after the process.​

Worldwide medical assistance​

Did you know that with your DKV death insurance policy, you are also covered when you travel abroad, with up to 18,000 euros for medical expenses in the event of an emergency?​

Erasure of digital identity​

We will manage your digital end-of-life by erasing content on social media, cloud files and emails.​

Online will​

With DKV, you can write your will at any time and from place using the online Will tool. In addition, if you have any questions, an expert lawyer will advise you. You have one annual modification free of charge!

Services to choose from​ ​

We offer a wide range of services and customised farewells to honour your memory. Choose one of the following three options:

Memory forest

Planting trees in your name. Planting a tree with your ashes is an option to give back to the planet. The tree will grow as a symbol of your memory.

Farewell at sea

Farewell on a sailing boat to scatter your ashes in the Mediterranean. A day of sailing for your family and friends, so they remember you when they look at the sea.

to your liking
To your liking

Use the capital contracted with the "Good Farewell" to design a farewell to your liking. No strings attached: decide where, how and when you want to be remembered.

We will preserve your wishes so they are carried out when you leave us​

social capital

Your loved ones will be able to celebrate and pay homage to you based on the details you planned to be honoured.

grandes empresas

An intimate ceremony to accompany you in your farewell, including your ideals and beliefs.

Conditions and commitment

You will receive the support of a family assistant who will help you make your decisions and guide your family throughout the process


With no worries for your loved ones. Our platform provides everything you need to personalise the farewell celebration.

DKV Ecofuneral

Funeral planner

Have you ever wondered how you would like your last farewell to be?

Plan the moment so it does not become a bitter farewell, so it brings together family and friends in a symbolic act, so the ceremony is carried out to your liking and celebrates your life.

You will receive the support and inspiration of an adviser when preparing your wishes, who will help you with all the procedures and take the burden off your relatives after you have passed away.

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