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The death insurance that accompanies your family at all times with one of the best funeral services, psychological support and repatriation to the country of origin. These are the cover and services we provide when taking out a DKV death insurance:

  • Funeral service provision: One of the best funeral services on the market, tailor-made to your customs and wishes.

  • Relocation and repatriation: We will take care of preparing and transferring the coffin to any Spanish town or city. And if your family lives abroad, we will cover the return trip with a companion. The only insurance company that includes it without any extra cost in the death insurance policy!

  • Telephone and legal assistance: A professional adviser will go to wherever your family is located and provide a completely personalised service to accompany them throughout the entire process. In addition, there is a support helpline for your family to obtain advice and resolve any queries.

  • Psychological assistance: Your family will be offered psychological support during and after the process.

  • Worldwide medical assistance: With your death insurance policy, you are also covered when you travel abroad, with up to 18,000 euros for medical expenses in the event of an emergency.

  • Erasure of digital identity: We will manage your digital end-of-life by erasing content on social media, cloud files and emails.

  • Funeral planning: The first insurer to advise you on defining the farewell that best represents you: coffin, speeches, flowers, type of ceremony, burial or cremation, people to notify, organ donation, will, etc. in a safe, private and accessible way, where you can modify it as many times as you wish. You will also be able to write and edit your online will whenever and from wherever you want.

  • Healthcare services: By taking out an extra module, you will enjoy dental cover with free dental cleaning, unlimited virtual medical consultations and comprehensive assistance for pets. 

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