What are the benefits of copayment? 

A health insurance with copayment is a policy in which customers pay a fixed amount for their insurance, either monthly or yearly, as well as a variable amount, which depends on the times that they have used the insurance during the month.

Put simply: the insurance's annual amount is lower. If you regularly visit the doctor, the final disbursement will be much lower than that of the health insurance without copayments. Although, copayments usually range between 1 and 20 euros.

Well-managed copayments benefit everyone: healthy insured people can make substantial savings, and statistically, copayments promote responsible and logical use of medical services, preventing saturation of the system and long waiting lists, as is often the case in the public health care system.

It is important to stress that the quality of coverage and physicians are the same as for insured persons without the copay option.

Likewise, you should consider whether you expect to visit the doctor regularly, as this would make the overall payment much higher than the no copay option. It is also important to consider whether you would stop going to the doctor when needed due to concerns about spending too much. 

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