Health insurance in the United States

When we are used to free health coverage in our country, it is difficult to understand how other systems work where coverage is private, and you need to have health insurance to be assisted when faced with an accident that affects your health

In Spain, thanks to our health system, when a person falls ill or suffers an accident and requires medical assistance, they do not need to pay anything.

Our health system works by taking a percentage of employees' salaries, thus keeping the system going. This allows any person to receive medical assistance when they need it, regardless of whether they have a job or whether they have health insurance coverage.

Health coverage models like the Spanish system can also be found in other states of the European Union, but it is harder to find outside of Europe. Furthermore, within the European Union we have a tool that means we receive the same level of coverage as any resident of any European country, the European Health Insurance Card. 

The best example of private health cover is found in the United States. 

Health insurance in the United States

In the United States, universal health coverage does not exist. In this country, medical care is totally private and citizens are obliged to take out health insurance if they want to receive this health care.

An insurance policy can be contracted in different ways. On the one hand, each individual can take out insurance that covers their health needs, or whereby they pay the amount they feel appropriate. Alternatively, if you work for a company, one of the benefits that can be offered alongside your salary is medical coverage. In this case, the company is responsible for taking out the insurance on your behalf, with the cover that it deems appropriate. 

Furthermore, health insurance in the United States works with copayments and, in most cases, with an excess; the amount of which is directly correlated with the cost of the premium. The higher the premium we pay monthly, the lower the excess to pay in the event of needing medical assistance. Conversely, the lower the premium we pay for health coverage, the greater the amount we pay as an excess in the event of a medical incident.

Travel to the United States with medical insurance

If you are planning a trip that to the United States or to move there, you must consider taking out a private health insurance policy. 

If you are transferring your residence there, it is best to take out American health insurance, checking what type of coverage is included, what the copayments are and, of course, the excess and the premium you need to pay each month. 

If you are just visiting the United States as a tourist, it is equally important to take out private health insurance to avoid high costs in the event of an accident or situation that affects our health. 

When you decide to take out medical insurance for the United States, it is important to consider what coverage is included, and, in particular, the maximum financial amount covered, given that medical tests that you may need are very expensive, and you will want to avoid any monetary surprises when you are discharged. 

In addition to all the above, it is also important to consider hospitalisation, medication or any patient transfers between countries that may be necessary. 

Calculate your reimbursement health insurance

Reimbursement insurance policies have been conceived for people who want to go to any doctor or centre anywhere in the world. If you spend long periods of time abroad, these insurance policies are of interest to you. Compare and choose the modality that best suits you.

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