Artificial insemination

Many couples wish to become parents at some point. However, sometimes, this is not possible naturally due to fertility problems in one or both partners

According to studies on birth rates in Spain, between 10% and 20% of couples experience problems having children. Fortunately, thanks to the progress made in this area of healthcare, there are now more fertility treatments available that are more effective and less invasive. Among them is artificial insemination.

Factors such as age, lifestyle and changes to the functionality of reproductive organs are the main problems couples encounter when trying to conceive. It has been possible to overcome the majority of these problems using current assisted reproductive technology, meaning that couples can achieve their dream of having children.  

If the couple has medical insurance and are intending to use the services of an assisted reproduction specialist, they must check if their policy covers part or all of the cost of the fertility treatment they want to use, or if they should take out specific cover or pay a surcharge for it. 

Cover for fertility treatments

Insurance companies are aware that society has changed and that couples are waiting longer to become parents, which means they are more likely to be less fertile and experience problems during pregnancy. As a result of this, assisted reproductive treatments such as artificial insemination are being used more frequently. That's why many companies have started to include this type of cover in their policies, which may include certain tests and number of attempts (depending on the company). 

Couples who are planning to undergo one of these types of treatments will usually have to meet certain requirements in order for the policy to cover it free of charge. Although these requirements may vary from one insurance policy to another, in the majority of cases, both partners must already have a policy with the company and have exceeded a waiting period, which in principle seems obvious. Once these requirements have been met, others of a medical nature must also be complied with, such as that both partners must be under 40, have not previously had treatments such as tubal ligation or a vasectomy or had children before

As has been explained above, undergoing a fertility treatment increases your chances of becoming pregnant. Therefore, when deciding whether to take out a policy with one company or another, it's important to check if these types of treatments are included in the health insurance policy you're being offered. 

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Fertility and assisted reproduction treatment

Assisted reproduction or artificial insemination is the set of techniques that facilitate or replace the natural processes of reproduction. It is intended to ensure the dream of making a family a reality, with the most successful techniques and with less risk.

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