The value of cover on a trip abroad

When going away, in addition to packing your suitcase, knowing what time your flight leaves and booking a place to stay at your destination, it's also a good idea to take out insurance to avoid any surprises in the event of an incident.

If you're a fan of international travel, you should consider including cover for medical assistance abroad in your health insurance policy.

This type of cover is included in many insurance policies in its simplest form, so it's up to you if you want to extend it to include what you think might be useful in the event of an incident abroad.

Cover for medical costs is one of the main features insured persons must focus on when taking out an insurance policy to cover a specific stay abroad. The limit as regards the aforementioned medical costs is one of the main factors that can make a policy more expensive. Therefore, you should analyse each case in depth.

Many insurers offer the option to extend cover for medical costs in exchange for increasing the price of the policy.

Medical costs are divided into different groups. Therefore, although your insurance policy might include medical costs abroad, you must check exactly what this means, as, for example, they might be for surgery, pharmaceutical items, hospitalisation, etc., which may mean that you are covered for pharmaceutical costs, but not for hospitalisation, and perhaps for you it might be more important for your policy to cover the second type of costs rather than the first.

Just as where you're travelling to is a very personal matter, so is the cover provided by your insurance policy for the cost of receiving medical assistance abroad. Therefore, we advise you to think it over and contact your insurer to help you decide what type of cover best suits your needs in this area.

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