How to consult the employment history of MUFACE mutual society members

If you are a civil servant and pay contributions to MUFACE, you must request a Certificate of Services Rendered


The Social Security System for civil servants is a special scheme managed by Muface which includes healthcare for civil servants. However, when requesting their employment history, people who have worked as civil servants may not know for how much time exactly they have paid contributions. Therefore, there are certain doubts that may need to be resolved:

  • How do I consult my employment history?

  • What is the Certificate of Services Rendered?

  • What is the employment history report in the General Social Security Scheme?

  • What is the employment history report used for?


How do I consult my employment history?

To obtain an official record of the number of days, months, and years of contribution to Social Security, you must request an employment history report, which includes a list of the companies that you have worked for and paid contributions through, with the start and end dates.

However, for civil servants, the concept of employment history does not exist. Instead, the Staff Bodies where civil servants are posted issue a Certificate of Services Rendered, a document that confirms the time that they have worked for the State.


What is the Certificate of Services Rendered?

Civil servants must request the Certificate of Services Rendered at the Staff Body where they are posted.

If the civil servant's status is something other than Active Service, the certificate must be requested from the General Directorate of Civil Service for General Bodies and Interdepartmental Categories, and the affiliated Ministry in the case of Special Bodies.

In addition, it is very important to guarantee the truthfulness of administrative certificates, since in accordance with Article 28.7, of Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on Common Administrative Procedure, "interested parties are liable for the truthfulness of any documents that they submit".


What is the employment history report in the General Social Security Scheme?

The Employment History Report details all the periods in which you have paid contributions to the Social Security System, either as an employed or self-employed worker.

In this document, you can see a list of all the companies with which you have held a work contract, including the exact effective dates of Social Security registrations and deregistrations for each contract and, therefore, the total number of days of contribution. The report also indicates the type of work schedule: full-time or part-time.


What is the employment history report used for?

The Employment History Report can be useful for many situations:

  • To prepare your CV if you cannot remember the exact dates on which you started and finished working at a certain company.

  • Perhaps, you could investigate and find out that a certain company had not registered you with Social Security according to the legal requirements, which could lead to an unfavourable situation: all the days that you worked in that company would not count towards increasing your right to receive unemployment benefits.

  • If you are approaching retirement, you can find out for how long (complete years, months and days) you have been paying contributions.

  • Finally, as it is an official document, you can use it to prove how many years you have paid contributions for all types of civil service examinations.


You can obtain and/or view your employment history report via the Social Security Electronic Office, which lists all of your registrations and deregistrations in the different social security schemes. This procedure is aimed at any citizens that are paying contributions or have done so at some point in life and, therefore, have a Social Security number.

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