Calculating civil service pensions

MUFACE mutual society members are integrated into the Civil Service Pension System for pension purposes


When a civil servant who is included in the State Civil Service Pension System retires, passes away, or is declared dead, they trigger, in either their favour or that of one of their relatives, the right to benefits, exclusively financial and periodic in character, that are specified in pensions for retirement, widowhood, orphanhood, and in parental favour.


Types of pensions

Pensions will be ordinary or extraordinary, depending on whether the causal event occurred under ordinary circumstances or because of injury, death, or disappearance produced in the act of service or as a consequence thereof.

Extraordinary pensions deriving from acts of terrorism will apply to personnel included in the State Civil Service Pension Scheme, or pensioners of this, who are victims of such an act.

Exceptional pensions are Civil Service benefits recognised by law in favour of a specific person or persons


General Rules

The causative event is the retirement (civil personnel) of the civil servant and can be due to: mandatory retirement age, voluntary retirement, or permanent disability.

To qualify for an ordinary retirement pension there is a 15-year waiting period, in other words, it is essential to have completed a minimum of 15 years effective service to the State.


Calculation of the pension

The amount of the standard pension is determined by applying a percentage set according to the total number of complete years of effective service contributed to the State to the applicable base, according to the body or category of the civil servant.

Base pay (bases for calculating the Civil Service Pensions): are fixed annually in the General Budget law of the State for every group, subgroup (EBEP Legislative Royal Decree 5/2015) into which are classified the distinct Corps, Scales, terms, and positions of civil servants.

You can access the updated calculator here

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