Does health insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are circumstances that customers present and that have affected or may alter their normal state of health. The sequelae of injuries and any chronic or hereditary disease prior to taking out the policy are considered pre-existing conditions.

On the other hand, the company can apply exclusions based on the health declaration. Exclusions are all illnesses and treatments that the insurer won't cover in any event and which, therefore, won't be part of that insured person's portfolio of provisions. It's important that you know well which these are, so there are no surprises in the future. Companies are legally bound to provide detailed information about these limitations to future customers, ensuring that they've read and approved them.

Which illnesses are susceptible of being excluded from health insurance?

They may vary depending on the company, but usually health insurance policies don't include treatment for alcoholism and other types of addictions, or HIV infection. Damage and harm experienced in criminal acts, risk activities or sports or natural disasters are usually not included in this type of insurance.
Some insurers also exclude work-related accidents. Voluntary interruption of pregnancy or cosmetic surgery are not covered either. If you want to have the nose of Cleopatra, you'll have to pay for it yourself (or find her mummy and do whatever you can with what you find...).

All companies always reserve the right to assess your illnesses when taking out insurance, in order to decide if they'll be all covered by the policy you're going to subscribe. That's why it's important that you answer all the questions you're asked and provide your medical history without hiding any information so the insurer can conduct the required study.

If the entity considers that you must undergo a consultation with a medical evaluator, you have to agree. Everything you don't report at the beginning could become a limitation of the policy later, or even, as we have recently commented in the book, grounds for legally cancelling it. 

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