The #timetotakecareofyourself has arrived

At DKV, we have joined the Malasmadres Club in a call to healthy motherhood. Are you one of us?

Less thinking about everything, more caring for you!


Years ago, we launched the #TimeToTakeCareofYourself project together with the Malasmadres Club, which allowed us to identify and highlight a serious problem: maternity is a turning point for many women, as most do not find time to keep a healthy lifestyle.

The goal during this entire time has been to advance from highlighting the problem to internalising healthy habits, while raising awareness and achieving a transformation.


One year after the pandemic broke out, the Malasmadres Club and DKV presented the report "La hora de cuidarse y respirar", which quantifies one of the major problems -in addition to the health and economic problems- associated with COVID-19: the mental health crisis produced by pandemic fatigue.

Download "La hora de cuidarse y respirar"

According to the report, 5 out of 10 women suffer stress and anxiety and 7 out of 10 feel sad, apathetic or discouraged.

The data show that women are facing their problems alone, despite the need for help from specialists: most have done nothing about it; others have resorted to sport and, to a lesser extent, meditation; and 12% of women who have needed outside help have decided to "self-medicate".



Through the #TimeToTakeCareofYourself initiative, we want to continue working with the Malasmadres community on emotional management, physical training and, especially, reconnecting with nature.

Women's well-being and environmental care

At DKV, we have decided to take one step further by connecting two of the causes that we support as a health activist: women's well-being and environmental care, and the fight against climate change. Because there can't be healthy humans in a sick planet.