Art and grants residencies

Art and grants residencies

Our support to the most emerging artists


With its fellowship programme, DKV Seguros materialises its commitment to emerging artists by contributing to training, art work production and access to the most promising exhibition and marketing circuits.

In this initiative promoting Spanish youth art, DKV Seguros is collaborating with leading institutions from the contemporary art world in Spain. In this sense, corporate sponsorship serves to complement, support and promote the work of our museums and art centres. The different calls for grants look to produce new work from the selected artists.

These new works will be added to the Colección DKV and to the temporary exhibitions programme so that can be enjoyed by the greatest number of people possible.

DKV-C3A artist-in-residence grant

C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía

The C3A and DKV Seguros have announced the first edition of the residency and artistic production grant for a Spanish visual artist, or group of artists, under the age of 45.

Applications can be submitted until 30 September 2022.

The objectives of the project selected will be to promote the development of Spanish visual and plastic creators, establish a mentoring and training programme so that the purpose of the residency can be implemented in the best possible conditions, and to establish connections between the various stakeholders in the city's art scene, the institution and the public.

See terms and conditions 

ISEA2022 Barcelona Grants in support of support artistic creation

2022 Isea Grant

Framed within ISEA2022 Barcelona and in collaboration with NewArtFoundation and and HacTe, DKV Seguros launches the call for a grant to produce and research works of art in the area of confluence between art, science and technology.

The financial award for producing the work is €10,000, and it will be exhibited at the ISEA Barcelona 2022 symposium.

Programa de Producción Artística Comunidad de Madrid-DKV

Primera Fase Grant

The selected artist or group will receive a specific financial award from DKV Seguros for the production of a new work of art and will have the opportunity to present it in a solo exhibition organised by the Region of Madrid at Sala de Arte Joven.

The Community of Madrid and DKV Seguros launches the call for applications in 2017 Primera Fase. Programa de producción artística Comunidad de Madrid-DKV, which aims to facilitate the realisation of the first solo exhibition of young artists in a professionalised and reference space around emerging creation such as Sala de Arte Joven in Madrid.

Grant Women for Art - City Hall of Valencia 

DKV Grant Women for art

The City Hall of Valencia and DKV Seguros announce the 1st Edition of the DKV Grant Women for Art - City Hall of Valencia.

A work of art will be selected and exhibited at a museum or exhibition hall of the City Hall of Valencia (to be confirmed) within the framework of a Colección DKV exhibition under the themes Gender equality and women's rights, health, work-life balance and/or maternity.

Artistic residency on health and the environment

Matadero Grant

The Centre for Artistic Residences and the Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives (IMNA) in Matadero Madrid, together with DKV Seguros, launch a residency call aimed at Spanish visual artists whose works explore new discourses related to the environment and health.

It is aimed at Spanish visual artists or artistic groups of under 45 years of age for a three-month residency between 15 September and 15 December 2021 at the Centro de residencias artísticas de Matadero Madrid. 

Enar de Dios, winner of the 8th edition with her project Liquid ground

Álvarez Margaride Grant

LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and DKV Seguros launch this artistic production call. It is intended for artists and artist groups whose work revolves around new technologies and the environment, in their broadest sense. These will enjoy an artistic residency at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, with the subsequent aim of presenting the body of work in a solo exhibition at the same centre.

Vasos comunicantes Grant

The Curating and Production programme Vasos Comunicantes is announced through the collaboration of Agencia Pública para la Gestión de la Casa Natal de Pablo Ruiz Picasso y otros Equipamientos Museísticos y Culturales and DKV Seguros, with the aim of virtually connecting Centre Pompidou Málaga and Colección del Museo Ruso.

The artistic projects that opt to the grant must establish an imaginary bridge that combines different artistic proposals and arguments with a common link: virtually connecting both spaces.

The works must be produced at both centres, and doing so in the urban area surrounding them is also an option. The project Monumento al desencanto, curated by Regina Pérez Castillo, won this first edition, which included works by Pablo Capitán del Río and Luz Prado, whose creations were based on the theoretical advice provided by Miguel Angel Benjumea.