Torre DKV

A great museum in a corporate building


True to its philosophy of incorporating creativity as a core value, Torre DKV features works of art on all its floors.



In common and work areas important sculptures, photographs, paintings and video are on display. Pieces by artists like Ángel Marcos, Bleda y Rosa, José Guerrero, Pietro Castro, Jorge Yeregui, Dionisio González, to mention a few.

Each floor of the building has an exhibition area where DKV's collection rotates, and all of the offices have some touch of art.

The ground floor is presented as a fantastic diaphanous space, with a work suspended from the ceiling by the Madrid-born Daniel Canogar from his Crossroad collection (2012).

The floor designed for the training rooms and board of director facilities houses, among others, the work of Aragon-born Gervasio Sánchez and his photographic project "Mined Lives", which DKV has been collaborating with for years and which seeks to raise awareness through images of victims of landmines in armed conflicts around the world.

This space holds special works, such as the Trust poster and the work by Silvestre Pejac.