25 aniversario

DKV cumple 25 años en España

En este cuarto de siglo, la compañía ha alcanzado 2 millones de clientes y una cartera de 945 millones de euros. DKV siempre ha estado vinculada al deporte, con acuerdos como el alcanzado con el Club de Baloncesto Joventut de Badalona.

Para conmemorar esta celebración, DKV ha organizado una edición especial de su late show, DeKéVa, con la participación de su consejero delegado, Josep Santacreu, el presidente de DKV, Javier Vega de Seoane, el director de Operaciones de ERGO International, Oliver Willmes y el presidente del consejo de administración de DKV, Clemens Muth, y del próximo consejero delegado, Ignacio López Eguilaz.

A bit of history

En 1932 se fundaba en Zaragoza el Igualatorio Médico-Quirúrgico y de Especialidades, formado por un reducido grupo de personal médico que limitaban su actividad a Zaragoza. In 1955 Publio Cordón acquired the company, which became "Previsión Sanitaria, S.A.", and two years later the first Quirón Clinic opened.

The 60s

In the sixties, it was still a family-run company. It only opened offices in Zaragoza, Logroño and San Sebastian, although the direct sales team would be established shortly in Barcelona.

The 70s

Two milestones were reached in the seventies: sustained growth and the new Quirón Clinic in Zaragoza, which entailed a clinical-healthcare advancement in terms of new technologies (ultrasound scans, scanners, modern x-ray equipment, ICU, etc.) and personalised care.

The agreement signed with MUFACE in 1977 launched its development throughout the country to provide services.

The 80s

A step forward was taken in the eighties by entering the General Insurance business, which helped expand throughout the Spanish territory.

The company established offices in all the provincial capitals. It acquired Agrupación Médica de Salamanca and Alianza Médica Leridana.

In 1988 Previasa was ranked the fourth company in Spain in Healthcare, second in Benefits, and fifty-ninth in the general ranking. Following its policy of contact and linking with other companies in the sector, it acquired La Fuencisla and La Verdadera Previsora from Barcelona in 1989. 

The 90s

PREVIASA VIDA is established, with 40% of its capital belonging to the British company Scottish Widows.

In 1990 the three subsidiaries engaged in health insurance merged, that is, La Fuencisla S.A. (Madrid), Unión Médica Previsora S.A. (León) and La Verdadera Previsora S.A. (Barcelona), giving rise to Unión Médica La Fuencisla, which is currently still part of the DKV Group. 

As part of its expansion plans in the decade, 15% of the Quirón Group was sold in 1994 to facilitate the Group's shares being listed on the stock exchange in 1997. The kidnapping of the company's director, Publio Cordón, by the terrorist group GRAPO in 1995 endangered the company's stability.

The only alternative was its sale. Tras varios intentos fallidos, la empresa alemana Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG (DKV), se hace con el cien por cien de las acciones el 11 de febrero de 1998. Following this, CSR becomes one of the company's main pillars. As a result, a collaboration agreement was signed with Intermon, which kicked off a collaboration with photojournalist Gervasio Sánchez in the project "Vidas Minadas".

However, DKV's major commitment in the area of CSR was creating the Integralia Foundation in February 2000 to foster the integration of disabled people into the workforce. Integralia would start by operating the DKV's contact center, a service that would be extended to other companies.

The 2000s 

DKV launched the corporate website. Otra de las líneas de actuación que se inician en esta década era el patrocinio deportivo, con acuerdos como el alcanzado con el Club de Baloncesto Joventut de Badalona para patrocinar al primer equipo. 

During this decade, DKV acquired Nórdica Seguros and sold its stake in the Quirón Hospital Group.

In 2002, the company adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, becoming a network of companies willing to fight against human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption issues.

Furthermore, DKV launched its "Clear language" programme, a pioneering initiative in the insurance sector that aimed to do away with the so-called "small print" phenomenon in collaboration with the UCE (Spanish Consumers Association).

In February 2004, DKV joined the Óptima Programme, promoted by the Ministry of Social Affairs to encourage equal opportunities and work-life balance.

De 2006 a 2010 destaca la expansión de DKV Integralia, con la apertura de nuevos centros en Madrid y Jerez, consolidando la apuesta de la compañía por la Responsabilidad Empresarial. En esta línea, la compañía crea su red de embajadores medioambientales (los EKOamigos), y compensa y reduce las emisiones de CO2 generadas, lo que le hace valedora del Sello Cero CO2. Asimismo, arranca el programa Arteria DKV en el Hospital de Dénia, el gran proyecto del DKV en este periodo. As a result, the company assumes the social-health care in Marina Alta (Alicante).

2011 – 2015

During this period, the strong urge given to innovation in the company, the creation and expansion of a new model business model -Espacios de Salud y Dentales- and a closer relationship between corporate responsibility and business through initiatives like ecofuneral stand out.

The cycle is closed with the opening of the new corporate headquarters in Zaragoza, Torre DKV, an example of sustainability, efficiency and integration of art in a building.

2016 – 2022

The company's recent years have been noted for the advances in digitisation.During this period, initiatives such as Mi salud al día, Quiero cuidarme and Digital Doctor and the customer and reimbursement apps see the light.

Digital contracting and initiatives promoting open innovation among our stakeholders are also initiated, such as DKV Emprende, for employees, and Idealia DKV, for customers, agents and healthcare professionals.

A new CRM is implemented and new products that increase our insured persons' cover, such as DKV Mundicare, for serious illnesses, or Sanify, for digital customers, are developed to improve customer experience.