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Creadores de Conciencia

A travelling exhibition that celebrates the 20th Anniversary of DKV's Social Responsibility activity, with the aim of addressing topics that have been discussed in these twenty years, such as problems related to climate change, illnesses, health, disability or socially excluded groups.

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The 120 photographs comprising the exhibition have been published in the most important media outlets in the world. They have been treated soberly and rigorously, with a special soul and magic.

In addition to stirring our consciences, the exhibition pays homage to a generation of photojournalists that have captured in images momentous times of recent history, sometimes in precarious situations and assuming risks.

Photojournalists Creadores de conciencia

40 photographers before the conflicts of our time

Samuel Aranda, Bernat Armangué, Walter Astrada, Sandra Balsells, Lurdes R. Basolí, Javier Bauluz, Clemente Bernad, Pep Bonet, Manu Brabo, Olmo Calvo, Sergi Cámara, José Cendón, José Colón, Javier Corso, Ricky Dávila, Juan M. Díaz Burgos, Ricardo García Vilanova, Antonio González Caro, Diego Ibarra Sánchez, Sebastian Liste, JM López, Andoni Lubaki, Kim Manresa, Enric Martí, Andrés Martínez Casares, Maysun, Fernando Moleres, Alfonso Moral, Emilio Morenatti, Daniel Ochoa de Olza, Ana Palacios, Santi Palacios, Judith Prat, Abel Ruiz de León, Rafael S. Fabrés, Gervasio Sánchez, Carlos Spottorno, Rafael Trobat, Guillem Valle and Mingo Venero.

Chema Conesa

The work of the forty photographers presented here shapes a map of facts that ultimately give rise to a genuine portrait of the dilemmas that the global community is facing in the present and future. A drawing on a series of images that express commitment, personal testimony and professional excellence.

Chema Conesa. Curator
Josep Santacreu

We support the exhibition "Creadores de conciencia" as a social action project.

Josep Santacreu. DKV CEO
Miguel García

These professionals, through their daily work, present right before our eyes the harshest and most ugly realities of society, make us complain about the things that do not work, that we do wrong and that people should do to become aware and collaborate to resolve them.

Miguel García. Director of Communication and Responsible Business at DKV