Our purpose

Are you aware of DKV's true purpose?

"Together, we take action for a healthier humanity"

Each of us can take action for a healthier world.

And the time to start is NOW!



We do not believe in the maxim "going alone is faster," but rather together we go further.

We take action


We want the purpose to translate into concrete, quantifiable actions, and we want to be able to measure the impact and its contribution to a healthier, current and future humanity.

Healthier humanity


Take care of your health in a broad sense, thinking in current and future generations.

2025 SDG Commitments

2025 Commitments

The new strategic plan is aimed at contributing to our purpose, responding to the expectations of our audience by including their ethical, social and environmental expectations. The "2025 Sustainability Commitments" define our ambition to contribute to a healthier humanity in the coming years. 

This analysis has enabled the new strategy and the "2025 Sustainability Commitments" to be defined, which will be activated by six transversal work teams. 

Canciones para los que no quien escuchar (Songs for those who don't want to listen)

Canciones para los que no quien escuchar (Songs for those who don't want to listen)

We need a change and we need it now! And we want to be heard!

That is why at DKV, we are joining great artists to raise awareness through music about how the environment directly affects our health.

MadBlue 2022
We want to act for the planet!

MadBlue Festival

As health and environmental activists, we are sponsoring the MadBlue festival, a leader in innovation, science and culture aimed at sustainable development.