DKV Innolab de Salud Digital

DKV Innolab de Salud Digital

DKV's commitment to promoting digital health innovation and contributing to the health system's sustainability.

Less travelling, more digital health!


DKV Innolab's aim is to contribute to improving the healthcare system's sustainability under the conceptual framework of Smart Positive Health, which pursues optimal health conditions through the appropriate use of health assets provided by the ubiquitous technologies. 


Main areas of interest

Mental health · Change of habits · Social capital · Planetary health

With this aim in mind, we are joining forces in a community that gives a voice to the different agents, and together we are able to accelerate innovation in health. Take part now!

Innolab the people

The people

Participate by completing surveys, giving your opinion on workshops and testing different technological solutions, among other activities.

Innolab Healthcare professionals

Health professionals

Participate in personal interviews, workshops or testing different technological solutions.

Innolab entrepreneurs


We offer you support in co-designing and co-validation through our network of experts. 

What we do

DKV Innolab de Salud Digital Innovation and design

Research and design

We seek to generate and transform new knowledge into effective solutions by means of the following:

  • Trend Observatory.

  • Identification of unmet needs.

  • Analysis of the findings on the main defining factors of health and well-being.

  • Participation in public and private financing projects.

Open innovation at DKV Innolab de Salud Digital

Open innovation

We are committed to working with emerging companies and entrepreneurs towards the following: 

  • Share knowledge and generate value. 

  • Creating synergies between third-party and DKV proprietary solutions. 

  • Helping in the validation of solutions and supporting them in their market growth. 

  • Jointly building innovative digital health projects.

DKV challenges

Searching for innovative solutions

Innolab challenge on mental health

Desafío DKV en salud mental

En 2022 lanzamos un reto de salud mental dentro del I Concurso de Innovación de la Red TECSAM, para captar soluciones innovadoras del mercado que respondan a los principales retos de salud mental de la población.

Building a community

We bring together different health innovation actors with the aim of generating synergies and creating collaborative projects that promote the transformation of the healthcare system.


We are giving voice to the people

Innolab the people


What does my participation consist in?

You can participate in innovative digital health projects through different activities, such as answering surveys, giving your opinion on workshops, testing technological solutions, and others.

What do I have to do to participate?

All you have to do is sign up by answering a few questions, and we will contact you with the various available initiatives so you can present your candidacy.

What benefits do I obtain?

Depending on the initiative you participate in, you will receive a different reward, but you can expect different prizes, gift cards and free access to payment features for different applications, among others. The specific reward will be made known in each initiative.


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Innolab Healthcare professionals


What does my participation consist in?

Your point of view as a professional is extremely necessary when it comes to carrying out innovative digital health projects, so we would like to be able to count on you for activities such as workshops, personal interviews, testing different technological solutions or others.

What do I have to do to participate?

At the link below, you will access a questionnaire which will help us identify you and learn about your area of specialisation. With this information, we will contact with the various available initiatives that require participants with your profile. Take part now! 

What benefits do I obtain? 

Each initiative has a different reward, which we will inform you about, but you can expect different prizes, gift cards, free access to payment features for different applications and participation at professional events, among others.  


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We support entrepreneurs

Innolab entrepreneurs


What support can I receive?

At DKV Innolab de Salud Digital we have the tools and a network of experts to support entrepreneurs and emerging companies in co-designing and co-validation with the appropriate agents for each project. In addition, we can also provide technology and become business partners, for which you will need our H&i certificate.

What does the H&i certificate consist in?

We have launched our own Smart Positive Health certificate, which enables us to assess different solutions on the market based on various criteria, such as safety, utility, usability and impact, among others. This certificate is free and can be the beginning of a collaboration to take digital health to the next level.

Write to us to collaborate and for more information

See certified apps


Innolab logos

DKV Innolab de Salud Digital is a member of national and international associations that pursue innovation in the healthcare system.

Through these, we connect and collaborate with the most relevant innovating agents in healthcare to generate an impact and promote the system's sustainability.



DKV apoya una solución para personas con epilepsia impulsada por la startup mjn-neuro


Elena Torrente, participates in a WHO roundtable


DKV Innolab de salud digital becomes part of the EIT Bridgehead programme as a Catalyzer

2020 Annual Report

The Quiero cuidarme Más app registers 434,023 downloads

DKV Innolab is part of Barcelona Health Hub

Our space

We are located in the Modernist Site of Sant Pau, in Barcelona. This former hospital, built by Lluis Domènech i Montaner, is a museum, event venue and space for innovation.

We have a versatile space with various areas in which to host project presentations, training sessions and events, and it can be used as a testing area and a solutions showroom.


Modernist Site of Sant Pau - Sant Manel Pavilion

Sant Antoni María Claret 167

08025 – Barcelona


You can contact us at our email

Innolab room

Consultation area

It simulates a healthcare environment with state-of-the-art digital technologies. It is a healthcare space completely digitally transformed using cutting-edge technologies. 

Innolab Room

Living room area

It simulates the space for the patient who receives the care in their daily routine (home's living room). The space includes the most complex digital scenarios, incorporating cutting-edge digital technologies for remote healthcare.

Innolab Room

Kansei Room

It is a space designed for co-creation and brainstorming, as well as for demonstrations, events and business meetings. In this room different workshops are delivered using patient experience methodologies, among others.