DKV Group indirect purchases

Construyendo relaciones de confianza

DKV quiere formar una relación estable, duradera y de confianza con las entidades proveedoras, garantizando que toda la cadena de valor cumple con los criterios de calidad, sostenibilidad y responsabilidad que la empresa defiende. Para ello, ha establecido un proceso de homologación para todas aquellas compañías que quieran convertirse en entidades proveedoras de DKV.

The DKV Group is one of the largest insurance groups in Germany and Europe. With presence in more than 30 countries, it focuses its activities in Europe and Asia. It offers an extensive range of insurance products, pension schemes and services. Almost 43,000 people work for the group, either as salaried employees or as self-employed insurance agents.

In Spain, the DKV Group centralises most of its outsourcing through the Purchasing Department. The contracting processes are competitive, open and transparent; guaranteeing all potential suppliers equal opportunities.

Necessary requirements

Nuestro sistema de gestión de proveedores establece unos requisitos mínimos para ser elegible como entidad proveedora del Grupo DKV. Some will be requested during the registration process and others, subsequently, during the approval process.

These are the requirements during the registration process:



Once compliance with these minimum requirements has been verified, the approval process begins, where the following is assessed:


  • Business and regulatory compliance aspects,

  • Corporate Social Responsibility aspects.


The company's financial situation will also be taken into consideration, and an analysis will be conducted on any sanctions, seizures, litigations and other administrative proceedings.

Once the assessment has been completed, the Purchasing Department will contact it to communicate the status of its candidacy and the following steps at a commercial level.

En caso de resultar “elegible” en la evaluación realizada, se le otorgará la condición de Empresa Homologada para participar en procesos de Compra del Grupo DKV y se le comunicarán los siguientes pasos a nivel comercial. Y en caso de “no elegibilidad”, see informará de los motivos.

Full digital relationship through the Suppliers Portal

El Departamento de Compras del Grupo DKV gestiona la relación con sus entidades proveedoras de forma 100% digital. A través del Portal de Proveedores The following processes can be carried out through the Suppliers Portal:


  • Registration and approval to initiate your relationship with the DKV Group.

  • Mantenimiento de datos de los ya homologados.

  • Participation in tenders and offering your products or services in tenders.

  • Digitally sign the concluded contracts.

  • Comprehensive management of the administrative process: orders, invoices and payments.

  • Performance assessment: measurement of the service provision and improvement plans.


Support and help


  • Download the manual.

  • E-mail to

  • Telephone 689 711 076 or 655 463 815 (from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm)

Access to the portal

  • Si ya es entidad proveedora del Grupo y aún no dispone de credenciales para acceder a la plataforma, escriba un correo a and you will receive the access credentials within 24 hours.

  • If you would like to become a supplier, after we have confirmed that you meet the minimum requirements explained in the previous section, you must complete the following steps: 

  1. Register on the Suppliers Portal When you have completed the registration, you will receive an email with the credentials to log in the portal and a link which you must access to change your password. Make sure that the latter meets the security requirements indicated on the platform.

  2. The Purchasing Department will review the application and, if appropriate, will start the approval process by sending the questionnaires mentioned in the previous section in order to assess your candidacy.

  3. If you become an eligible supplier, you will receive a communication confirming the status of approved company. From that moment on, you will be promptly informed about any tender processes that could be of interest to your company. If the candidacy is rejected, you will be informed of the reasons for this rejection.

  4. When the DKV Group issues a call for tender, the supplier's commercial contact will receive an email with an invitation to participate. The supplier will have to access the Tenders module via the Suppliers Portal to complete the information required to submit their bid (doubts about the process, RFI/RFQ questionnaires, service proposal in PDF format). Various rounds of negotiations may be carried out during the tender, of which you will be duly informed.

  5. The DKV Group will complete the process of analysing proposals and issue an objective decision regarding the tender based on the criteria and weightings set forth in the tender documents. If your company is awarded the contract, you will receive a communication confirming the acceptance of your bid. If discarded, you will also receive a communication with the reasons behind this decision.

  6. Once the contractual terms and conditions have been agreed with the awarded supplier, it will receive a notification requesting to digitally sign the contract via the Suppliers Portal. The supplier does not require any type of digital certificate to sign, as the DKV Group employs the DocuSign® system, which incorporates its own certification technology.

  7. After signing the contract, the supplier will be sent the purchase orders to the e-mail indicated on its profile to manage the orders. The supplier will also be able to view and confirm orders from the Suppliers Portal.

  8. The invoices are also recorded on the Suppliers Portal so they can be reviewed and validated by the DKV Group. You can access the website at any time to check the status of your invoice and the payment date.

  9. The service levels' quality control and monitoring process will also be carried out through the portal. If this process requires information from the supplier, it must also be provided through this channel.

Responsible purchasing policy

The DKV Group has a global purchasing model in place that is based on the following principles of the Responsible Purchasing Policy. This policy is available to all the company's stakeholders, including suppliers, employees, agents and customers, among others.


  1. Ensure continuous improvement of the purchasing process, taking into account the principles of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

  2. Promote the use of socially responsible products, services and/or projects; highlighting these aspects into value in the process of offer comparing process.

  3. Establish the appropriate measures to minimise the impacts caused by our purchase decisions and mitigate, as far as possible, the impact of our activity on the environment.

  4. Provide complete, accurate and transparent information in the RFQ processes and guarantee equal opportunities among all the bidding suppliers.

  5. Ensure, during the validity of the relationship with our suppliers, that the legal requirements applicable to human, labour and environmental rights are met.

  6. Ensure that suppliers are selected in accordance with the current internal regulations and, in particular, with the values reflected in the "Statute of ethical commitments with our stakeholders", based on respect for legality, commitment to integrity, free competition, objectivity, transparency, value creation and confidentiality.

  7. Perform an appropriate monitoring of suppliers, with the aim of avoiding that these commitments becoming affected.

  8. Raise awareness on sustainability and social responsibility among the staff and other parties intervening in the DKV Purchasing Process.

  9. Guarantee the coherence of this policy with other current and/or future DKV Group standards.

  10. Encourage collaboration with suppliers in order to guarantee compliance with this Policy. 

Purchase categories

Purchasing is managed by category. La segmentación de los proveedores se realiza en base a las 10 categorías de compra definidas. Durante el proceso de registro, se le solicitará indique la categoría/s de productos o servicios que su empresa suministra. Below is a list of categories and some examples of the most relevant products/services in our organisation:

01 - Information technology

  • Software development and maintenance

  • Professional services and IT consulting

  • Purchase of Hardware

  • Purchase of Software

06 - Office supplies

  • Office furniture or Office equipment or Personal protective equipment (PPE) 

  • Computer consumables

  • Other office supplies

  • Books and subscriptions

02 - Professional services (non-IT)

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Customer services (Call Center)

  • Business consultancy firm

  • Recruitment/training agency

  • Translation or Benefits (meal card, transport, etc.)

07 - Trips and travel

  • Travel agencies

  • Corporate event agencies

  • Hotels

03 - Marketing and communications services

  • Advertising agencies

  • Media agencies

  • Graphic and audiovisual design or Printing and Point-of-sale advertising

  • Promotional gifts and/or loyalty programmes

  • Market research or MKT Agencies

08 - Transport and logistics 

  • Courier

  • Postal deliveries

  • Mail handling firm

  • Archive and document management

  • Confidential destruction

04 - Property and maintenance

  • Construction and refurbishment

  • Cleaning and pest control services

  • Surveillance, Reception and Ancillary Services

  • Security systems

  • Maintenance of property and repairs

  • Energy supplies

09 - Financial services

  • Insurance

05 - Telecommunications

  • Fixed and mobile voice services

  • Data networks

  • Services associated with the switchboard and call center

  • Other telecommunications services