Canciones para los que no quien escuchar (Songs for those who don't want to listen)

Canciones para los que no quien escuchar (Songs for those who don't want to listen)

We need a change and we need it now! If there is something that moves us, that is music. This is why at DKV, we are joining great artists to raise awareness about how the environment directly affects our health.

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Rozalén "Yo no renuncio"

More Rozalén, less giving up

Why do women always end up taking on the role of caretakers and superwomen? These stereotypes lead to most women forgetting about their needs and neglecting themselves in order to solely take care of others. That's why, together with Rozalén and the Malasmadres Club, we have created a song to raise awareness and get rid of these stereotypes. 

Ediciones anteriores

Hemos cantado lo que no se quería escuchar. Y seguimos en ello. Pero no estamos solos. Nos acompañaron los artistas pop más reconocidos de España que han puesto voz a la batalla contra la contaminación ambiental y la contaminación por plásticos.

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Air pollution
Less pollution, more music

Sabías que el 3% de las muertes en España se deben a la contaminación del aire? Find out more

Menos plásticos
Less plastic, more music

Sabías que ingerimos el plástico equivalente a una tarjeta de crédito cada semana? Find out more

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At DKV, we continue working on new projects and tracks with other artists.

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