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We are committed to innovation as one of the basic pillars on which to support our sustainable growth

Health4Good Academic Edition
Our commitment to young talent

Health4Good DKV Academic Edition

Health 4 Good Academic Edition is a DKV initiative, and it is supported by ENNOVA (ESADE entrepreneurship association) in its organisation.

This edition launches 2 specific health and environmental challenges to be solved by students from different universities to in just two days (5 and 6 November).

Innovative solutions

that make your life easier


Take care of your emotional well-being in a simple way

Electronic prescription

Receta médica online

Consultation and medical prescription from your mobile phone, without leaving home.

Green indicator

Green indicator

Indicator of exposure to green spaces as a healthy habit.



Appdate yourself and take care of your health. Your procedures in very simple way.

We innovate together

Open innovation

We innovate better when innovating together

If you have a proposal, let us know!

DKV Innolab is part of Barcelona Health Hub


Our laboratory to promote digital health innovation and contribute to the healthcare system's sustainability under the conceptual framework of Smart Positive Health.

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Creative employees
Innovation as part of our culture


DKV Emprende is the intra-entrepreneurship programme that places employees at the heart of the experience, detecting and nourishing the in-house talent and contributing to their personal and professional growth. All this while promoting new, flexible and collaborative ways of working.

With Crazy Day and Creative Day we give a voice to all employees, so they can contribute with their ideas and challenges in a fun and participatory way.

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Health 4 Good Academic Edition

Health4Good Academic Edition

DKV and Plug&Play join forces to drive innovation

David Andrés

Being able to collaborate with DKV in the Health4Good Academic Edition showed me first hand DKV's firm commitment towards young talent, innovation and teamwork. For university students, developing disruptive solutions with DKV is the ideal way to learn and meet their objectives.

David Andrés - Co-President of the ESADE Student Council
Anna and Sandra Bueno

"A lot has been learnt, and it has been positive. From learning new techniques to develop a business model to discovering what one can learn when you raise your sight from your desk at the office and look how others around you work."

Anna Bueno and Sandra Bueno - winners of the 2019 DKV Emprende programme
Andy Aguilar CEO of Legit.Health

At Legit.Health we offer cutting-edge computer vision technology and artificial intelligence for the triage, detection and measurement of the severity of more than 232 diseases visible through photographs.

For us, collaborating with DKV, the leader of digitisation in the health sector in Spain, is more than a privilege, not only for its commitment to, but also for its impact on the sector as a company focused on providing the most advanced self-care tools to its insured customers, promoting prevention, speeding up remote consultations and managing health in its "Quiero cuidarme Más" platform, which is available 24/7. 

Andy Aguilar, CEO of Legit.Health
Lorena Sánchez

These months of collaboration with DKV Innolab have led to great progress in our digital innovations in personalised medicine aimed at improving the quality of life of patients with autoimmune diseases.

Lorena Sánchez - Project manager at Making Genetics