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The DKV Group is part of ERGO, one of the largest European insurance groups and 100% owned by Munich Re AG, and it consists of:

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Health, Accidents, Income, Home and Funeral insurance

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Health and wellness services

Objectives and strategy

Imagina plan

The strategic plan launched in 2021, Imagina 2025, includes an updated purpose, mission, values and strategic lines of action.

"Together, we take action for a healthier humanity" is the purpose, the reason for being that inspires DKV's entire strategy to achieve sustainable growth that contributes to a healthier humanity.


2025 Imagina Plan


2025 ESG Sustainability Commitments

The new strategic plan is aimed at contributing to our purpose, responding to our stakeholders' expectations.

The strategic line of action "Creating value for all" is especially relevant for promoting sustainability as it aims to make DKV a business leader with a business model that can create value not only economically, but also with respect to environmental, social and governance value, engaging its stakeholders in its purpose and improving the company's reputation.

The 2025 ESG Sustainability Strategy is the result of an open strategic reflection process in which 22 people from 16 areas of the company participated with the aim of identifying the current and future environmental, social and governance expectations that are the most relevant for DKV's key stakeholders.

Once the expectations were analysed, they were prioritised taking into account their impact on the business and their contribution to the SDGs.

This analysis has enabled the new strategy and the "2025 ESG Sustainability Commitments" to be defined, which will be activated by 6 transversal work teams.

2025 Commitments


environmental sustainability

Our responsibility is to preserve the natural resources and protect global ecosystems to support health and well-being, today and in the future.


Commitment to climate changeand planetary health
SDG 3 Good health and well-being
SDG 13 Climate action
SDG 15 Life on land

· Develop for customers two innovative solutions (products/services/apps) against climate change and for environmental health.

· Plant 430,000 trees to mitigate the climate emergency, following DKV's principles for forest restoration.

· Achieve every year a carbon offset of at least 10% above the operational footprint.


Social Sustainability

We must proactively identify and manage the positive and negative impact of our business on people.


Commitment to prevention and innovation in the impact on health
SDG 3 Good health and well-being



· Launch at least 2 innovation solutions within the offering to promote prevention or access to health for vulnerable groups.

· Support, with at least 10 hours of mentoring, 30 entrepreneurs engaged in the social/environmental impact on health.


Commitment to an inclusive offer
SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production
SDG 10 Reduced inequalities

· Ensure that ESG aspects are considered in all new launches.

· Have all new digital assets comply with DKV's inclusive design principles.

· Guarantee total accessibility in digital assets.

· Guarantee all individual customers that the insurance will not be subject to a price increase due to the medical expense incurred.

· Guarantee a lifelong policy for all individual customers who have held a policy for three years.



To be truly sustainable, we must guarantee responsible business practices within our organisation and throughout our value chain.


Commitment to diversity and talent
SDG 5 Gender equality
SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth

· Have a minimum of 30% women in the Steering Committee.

· Have a minimum of 40% women in managerial positions.

· Have a minimum of 3% disabled employees.


Commitment to honest sales and promote sustainable products and commercial processes
SDG 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions

· Develop a new "honest sales" indicator and incorporate it into the commercial activity, in such a way that it has an effect on the commercial strategy.

· Double the sales of sustainable products achieved in 2021, promoting their marketing every year.



Commitment to sustainable procurement 
SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals

· Have 90% of indirect providers comply with DKV's sustainability principles.

Dialogue with stakeholders

One of the company's main tools is the open dialogue forum, an annual event aimed at providing transparency and close contact with our stakeholders.

At this meeting, the company presents the challenges that the company is facing, their context, what the company is doing in this regard and a series of questions to initiate dialogue with attendees.

Dialogue with stakeholders

At the 8th edition, held in 2021, the challenge addressed was "How do we improve our relationships with our main stakeholders: customers, professionals, healthcare providers, general service providers and brokers?


2021 results and 2022 outlook


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↑ 8 %

Outlook for 2022

The prolonged uncertainty of the current context forces us to be extremely cautious. It appears that the economic scenario will not improve at the anticipated rate, and the insurance business is not expected to do so significantly either; meanwhile, the competition in the health sector is increasing considerably.

DKV will address these risks by continuing its identification, prevention and monitoring policy, with the aim of minimising their impact and, to the extent possible, turning these risks into competitive advantages.

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