DKV, a good workplace

11 consecutive years in the ranking and among the top 10 companies in the Best Workplaces in Spain


For gender equality

We have launched an Equality Plan, with the support of the legal representatives of the company's employees. Its duties include:

  • Guaranteeing that our selection policies comply with equality criteria.

  • Compiling information from questionnaires on discrimination and harassment.

  • Subsidising regulated training to permit higher levels of training and reduce differences associated with gender and training.

  • Assessing salary competences by gender.

  • Providing paid leave from week 37 of pregnancy for expectant mothers.

  • Handling cases of sexual harassment.

  • Carrying out an annual study on gender and professional category pay gap.


For work-life balance

  • Facilities for teleworking.

  • Facilities for processing aids when taking care of dependent relatives.

  • Special timetables for certain family situations.

  • Limited work meeting hours so that the working day is not extended or if someone has to travel back home.

  • Horario especial en caso de problemas con descendientes o ascendentes.

  • Paternity leave of 18 days (higher than established by law).

  • Ampliación del permiso de maternidad en caso de descendientes con enfermedades.

  • Permisos para acompañar al médico a ascendientes dependientes o que padezcan alguna enfermedad grave.

  • Leave for school meetings or tutorships.

  • Leave to work on solidarity projects.

  • Permisos para la adopción internacional.

  • Permiso retribuido desde la semana 37 de gestación hasta la fecha del parto.

  • Care for the elderly at cost price, childcare costs taken directly from pay for tax saving purposes, etc.


With training incentives

To stimulate the training and development of our professionals, we also provide:

  • Leave on the day before the examination.

  • Options for training to be included within the working day.

With complaint mechanisms

We have created the role of the ethical consultant, who is available to the staff, so they can turn to him or her, in an anonymous and confidential manner, to share and resolve any queries or complaints regarding the application of the Code of conduct and the company's Ethical Commitments Statute

A complaints portal is also available to employees a complaints website.

For a good working atmosphere

Code of conduct directs our work according to a policy of corporate responsibility and sustainability and corporate values of excellence, teamwork, orientation to results, innovation and empathy.

We provide all of our staff with guidelines for suitable conduct with respect to their treatment of partners and superiors, customers and the general public.