Clear Language Programme

Our initiative to simplify the language of insurance policies, because when you need insurance, you need to be able to understand all the details. At DKV, we don't like the small print. 

DKV Clear Language intends to be a point of reference in regard to transparency and clarity in the insurance sector, through a simple and friendly system. Also in the form of interactive dialogue, person to person, and for this reason the website offers numerous opportunities for you to contribute your opinion, comments, evaluations, questions, contents, etc.

A tool at your service to help you understand all the details of your insurance policies, to explain concepts and procedures and to clear up any doubts. We also intend to make the act of taking out or cancelling your insurance policyan easy process.


Health insurance for dummies
We are committed to clarity and transparency

Health insurance for dummies

The book “Health insurance for dummies”, published by DKV, explains different aspects and terminology used in the private health insurance field. An initiative by DKV's Clear Language programme.

This book uses colloquial language to explain how to take out insurance, the different types of health insurance, the obligations of a policyholder, how to cancel an insurance policy, and other practical topics.