Talleres de cocina EN COLEGIOS

In collaboration with Ayuda en Acción and the Alicia Foundation

Malnutrition and one of its negative sides, obesity, have a greater impact on the disadvantaged socio-economic classes and have serious consequences on childhood at a medical, psychological and emotional level.

The commitment to this project carried out in collaboration with Ayuda en Acción and the Alicia foundation is aimed at promoting community work and emphasising on the educational stage as a basis for fighting against poverty, exclusion and inequality.

The collaboration between Ayuda en Acción and DKV consolidated the work carried out in the previous editions, given the positive results and the impact generated in Aragon (Zaragoza) and Catalonia (Cornellà de Llobregat).

Workshops with a community-oriented proposal

The activities do not only involve the students (primary and secondary education), but also the teachers, families and entities, thus developing the full educational potential of the community and increasing the collaborative work around a topic as important and cross-cutting as is healthy lifestyles.

The purpose of the project was to provide training and tools that encourage healthy lifestyles in students and families in risk of social exclusion, and they acquired basic and appropriate knowledge about eating and health.

The Programme "Healthy eating and living habits for children and families at risk of social exclusion in Spain" included 33 workshops on healthy habits where participants learned through talks and culinary demonstrations the importance of a balanced diet or regular exercise. They were provided guidelines on healthy cooking, as well as other content, and were able to put into practice all the recommendations and advice.

Of the 33 delivered workshops, nine were held in two schools in Zaragoza, where 192 children at risk of social exclusion participated; 16 took place at 5 primary and secondary schools in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), as well one workshop for families on healthy cooking traditions and one workshop for teachers on food education, with a total participation of 200 attendees; and 6 were carried out at a primary and a secondary school in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, with 170 children involved.

The project continues the collaboration between DKV and Ayuda en Acción and consolidates the work undertaken in previous editions, which includes a community project that promotes collaboration between different local stakeholders. As a result, the activities not only benefit the students (primary and secondary) but also teachers, families and other organisations. The aim is to develop the educational potential of the entire community and boost cooperation to tackle the universally important topic of healthy living.