Una historia de arte reciente (1960-2020) · Palma de Mallorca

A peculiar narrative exercise: it encompasses the past and present, and it does so with the works of artists and in the same place in which the testimonies of history and the history of art accumulate: in the museum. 

Cristina Mejías. The lights went out, the crickets went on. 2021
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Cristina Mejías. The lights went out, the crickets went on. 2021

Under the title Una Historia del Arte Reciente (1960-2020), the Juan March Foundation and DKV Seguros present an exhibition composed as a whole from the respective collections, which is on display at Museu Fundación Juan March in Palma until 9 July, the first part of which was on display at Museo de Arte Abstracto Español in Cuenca from June 2021 to January 2022.

The sample is the result of the work produced by the teams of both institutions on each of both collections. It aims to propose a recent history of art -or a history of recent art- produced in Spain during the second half of the last century and the first two decades of the 21st century.

It is a history that does not even consider, for obvious reasons, that it should insist in its limitations. But, it aspires to be told with accuracy and freedom and in the real spaces of two museums through two different collections, with their own particularities and nature.

To that end, the exhibition's team of curators has been working with the DKV Collection's artworks, which are varied in form, practical and belong to artists of one of the 21st century's generations, and with the art pieces belonging to the Juan March Foundation's collection: these, which are in "slow rotation" (an expression coined by Fernando Zóbel) in the institution's two museums, located in Cuenca and Palma, are basically paintings and sculptures by the generations of artists in our country that were active between the sixties and the end of last century.

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Museu fundació Juan March Palma

DKV meeting

Guided tour of the exhibition

El pasado 7 de julio tuvo lugar el Encuentro DKV en el que pudimos disfrutar una visita guiada por la exposición, contemplando obras de la Colección DKV y la Colección de la Fundación Juan March a lo largo de los últimos años. El acto se completó con un aperitivo en el que los participantes pudieron comentar la experiencia y establecer un clima agradable y relajado para compartir proyectos y establecer conexiones.


On the occasion of the exhibition, four artists involved in it will deliver four free one-and-a-half day workshops, where they will reflect on their work and share how they work.

Limited capacity:

  • 20-21 May. Juan Olivares: Pintura infinita.

  • 3-4 June. Tomás Pizá: Los ojos de la ciudad.

  • 17-18 June. Mar Guerrero: Arqueología plástica en el paisaje contemporáneo.

  • 1-2 July. Antonio Fernández Alvira: Juegos Simbólicos (buscando una apariencia real).