India Martínez: "Dejamos de respirarnos"

If the planet is sick, you are too. If the sky in your city is full of pollution, you breathe it. Even if you do not leave home. "Dejamos de respirarnos" is not just a song, it is a cry, a warning, a call for help.

India Martínez adds her voice to those of journalist Berta Collado and environmental expert Leo Gutson in this documentary, with the aim of awakening people's conscience and explaining how the air we breathe really is.

Less pollution, more music

"Canciones para los que no quieren escuchar" is a new project by DKV that has been launched with the aim of raising awareness through music on how problems, such as the environment's deterioration, directly affect people's health. Several artists will write original tracks inspired by these problems, with the aim of achieving a healthier world together with DKV.

Because, we're not crazy. A better world is possible. We are health activists!

India Martínez
More India Martínez, less air pollution

India is one of the artists participating in the project, and she is the creator of the single "Dejamos de respirarnos", a song that talks about the importance of the quality of the air we breathe in our cities AND ON OUR HEALTH.

In the words of the Andalusian artist, "it invites us to reflect and raise awareness on the seriousness of this threat", and she stresses that: "the best way to deal with it is to do it together."

The atmospheric threat you don't want to hear about
The threat you don't want to see or hear about, but has been playing for a long time

Air pollution is a real problem and, although many people do not want to listen to this, reality is that thousands of people in Spain have suffered a premature death because of it. According to recent research studies, air pollution increases the risk of respiratory, cardiovascular, cancerous and neurological diseases. Did you know that?

Dejamos de respirarnos

Dejamos de respirarnos

The new single against air pollution is part of the project "Canciones para los que no quien escuhar."

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Breathe deep and listen to the song

The song talks about the importance of the air we breathe.



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Coming soon

Coming soon

Other artists will soon join and create songs for those who do not want to listen... Stay alert, we are health activists.