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Rozalén is part of DKV's initiative "Canciones para los que no quieren escuchar" (Songs for those who don't want to listen)

What women feel when they give up their dreams due to taking care of others

Rozalén: "Yo no renuncio" (I don't give up)

The traditional roles that position women in the role of caretakers and superwomen have always affected women, and this is compounded by the lack of effective work-life balance policies.

This problem leads to a larger one: most women forget about their needs and neglect themselves when they are taking care of people, especially when they are mothers. And Rozalén, DKV and the Malasmadres Club have created this song to fight against this issue.

Even if you don't want to listen to the hard data, mothers have been suffering these problems forever

They show how most women forget to take care of themselves when they have to care for others, and this ends up affecting their health. That's why it is important to set aside time for oneself, to take care of oneself and to love oneself.

54 minutes

This is the amount of free time a mother has to enjoy every day.



A common feeling when they have to stop doing what they want.



Only 10% consider their degree of self-care level as appropriate.


Mental health

50% believe that it has worsened during the pandemic. Ask for psychological assistance on 900 81 23 25.


Discover the track "Yo no renuncio" by Rozalén, a song reminding women not to give up on being what they want to be.

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The time to take care of yourself

A project by the Malasmadres Club and DKV to help women take care of themselves when maternity arrives. An initiative that was launched in 2019 and aims to educate through awareness raising, information and the tools required to achieve it.

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Want to know how much women look after themselves? See the latest Women's Wellness Study by Instituto de la Vida Saludable DKV, which analyses the reality of how they look after their health.

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Wendy's syndrome

Wendy's syndrome

It is that person who neglects their own needs to fulfil the wishes and responsibilities of others, even if they do not ask for it.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance

We provide you with a series of measures to face a conflict between your personal and working life.

female empowerment

Female empowerment

Reinforce your skills, participation and prominence. Achieve equality in decision-making and recognition.

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