Environmental management

We are a ZeroCO2 company

And this is how we achieved it!


Desde 2007 somos Cero C02


menos emisiones desde 2004.

ZeroCO2 policies

since 2010. And we have ecological home and death insurance policies.

Positive carbon footprint

desde 2019.

Renewable electricity

es la fuente del 100% de nuestra electricidad.

From the outset, DKV has focused its environmental policy on climate change, as it has short-, medium- and, above all, long-term consequences and an effect on people's health. 

As a socially responsible company specialising in health, DKV is constantly concerned about sustainable growth by integrating environmental, energy saving and efficiency, social and ethical management criteria into its activity.

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Environmental footprint

Since 2004, we have being measuring our carbon footprint and have reduced emissions by over 80%, as well as using electricity from 100% renewable energy. These are some of our measures for reducing electricity consumption:
Purchase of green energy since July 2015
Proyecto EKOsucursales (oficinas sostenibles)
High efficiency lighting and LED technology
Utilizar papel reciclado con sello FSC
Heat recovery ventilation systems
Flota de vehículos híbridos y priorizar viajes en tren frente al avión. 


Environmental protection is one of the aspects of DKV's corporate responsibility programme, which is part of the company's strategy and has been materialised as the company's environmental and energy policy.

Comply with legislation

with legislation

Preventing pollution

through environmental protection measures

4. Developing innovative products, solutions and services against climate change.
Management model 

aimed at minimising environmental impacts

actividades responsables

in environmental and energy improvement projects 

Raising awareness
Raising awareness


promover la investigación
Promoting research

on the impact of the environment on health

Torre DKV Leed Gold Stamp

Torre DKV, a sustainable building

Located in the South Tower of the World Trade Center complex in Zaragoza, the building evidences its commitment to sustainability (Leed Gold certification, ISO 50001 or ZeroCO2 Stamp, among others). It is a building that architecturally brings together and reflects DKV's values: being a company that is open to society, the environment and sustainability and that is committed to improving employee satisfaction.

Through its parent company Munich Re, DKV Seguros commits to fulfilling its role in accelerating the transition to a net zero emissions economy, as required by the Paris Agreement. Munich Re sigue el marco de Los Principios para la Inversión Responsable (PRI), que proporcionan el enfoque de la inversión sostenible. PRI tiene como objetivo mejorar la comprensión de las implicaciones ambientales, sociales y de gobierno corporativo de las inversiones, y ayudar a los signatarios de PRI a integrar estos temas en sus decisiones de inversión.

Munich Re not only informs the PRI, but also engages it in a fruitful dialogue to further develop its own ESG strategy in line with the latest developments. To further strengthen Munich Re's commitment to this cause, the Group's two asset managers, MEAG and Munich Re Investment Partners, also became PRI signatories in 2021.

Munich Re is a founding member of the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance, convocada por la Iniciativa Financiera del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente a la que está adherida, y que tiene como objetivo la descarbonización de todas las actividades de seguros para el año 2050. Además, es firmante de the UN's Principles for Sustainable Insurance de las Naciones Unidas. 

As part of this commitment by Munich Re, DKV has raised the climate-ambition level and has proposed, among other targets for 2030  ser la primera aseguradora del país climático-positiva (se logró en 2019) y compensar todas las emisiones generadas por la empresa desde su creación (1932).