Responsible business plan

Developing responsible business initiatives to promote a healthier world for 20 years

Our Responsible Business Plan is a company-wide plan and is framed within the key pillar of Plan Voluntad: "To be the company of choice thanks to its socially responsible actions", for its positive impact on DKV's trust and reputation.

Since its launch in 2016, the Responsible Business strategy has been integrated into the business in a transversal manner, by involving the company's key areas in the development of projects. This integration provides the Responsible Business department the role of facilitator or driver, as required. This has led to identifying nine commitments for 2020, on which we are working in all areas of the company.


· Reporting, audit and certifications.

· Impact measurement and contribution to SDG.

· Corporate values.

· Ethical Management System.

· Reputation.



· Brokers: Medialia.

· Health professional: Plan Colabora.

· Employees: Internal CSR and volunteering.

· Company: Medicine and Solidarity Awards.

· Annual open dialogue forum.


impact innovation

· DKV Impacta.

· Support for social impact start-up with Ship2B.

· Innovation projects. linked to the offer (DKV Ecofuneral, DKV EcoHogar, TEA Madrid)​.

· Commitment to the environment.

· Health Insurance for Dummies.