DKV turnover reaches 793 million euros and increases its profit to 45 million euros

In Healthcare the company grew by 9%, versus the market average of 5%, and it has become the company with the largest growth rate in private health insurance

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DKV closed the year with 1,873,959 customers, which represents a 6.5% increase when compared to 2020, that is, without considering Marina Salud.

In 2021, the DKV Group reached 793 million euros in premiums, representing an increase of 8% with respect to the previous year (735 million in 2020, excluding Marina Salud's business activity).

DKV has increased its revenue in Healthcare, which represents 86% of total premiums, by 9% -versus the market average of 5%-, exceeding 678 million euros (621 million euros in 2020) and becoming the company with the largest growth rate in private health insurance (excluding mutual society business).

Furthermore, Funeral Insurance grew by 4%, reaching 63 million euros.

The DKV Group obtained a pre-tax profit of 59 million euros, 27% higher than estimated. The net profit amounted to 45 million euros, compared to the 42 million euros reached in 2020.

The Group's investments at year-end amounted to 667 million euros at book value (778 million euros in 2020), distributed between Fixed Income (72%), Cash and Banks (12%), Investment Funds (11%) and Real Estate (5%).

In 2021, DKV closed the year with 1,873,959 customers, which represents a 6.5% increase when compared to 2020, that is, without considering Marina Salud. The insurer paid 48.2 million euros paid in brokers' fees and 492.5 million to healthcare providers for primary health (1,194,647 consultations), hospital admissions (40,655), diagnostic tests (3,180,000) and specialist care consultations (3,305,050).

Withdrawal from the Health Area concession of Marina Alta

In September, DKV withdrew from the Denia Hospital concession after selling 65% of its shareholding to its, until then, minority partner Ribera Salud, which now manages 100% of Denia's Health Department in the Region of Valencia.

After 13 years managing the concession and investing over 100 million euros in building a new hospital, the result is a substantially better access to healthcare services and a higher quality and wider range of services. Here are some performance indicators:

  • Increase in the number of beds, from 156 to 211.

  • Increase in the number of ICU beds by 133%.

  • Increase in operating rooms by 300%.

  • Increase in the number of labour rooms by 233%.

  • Haemodialysis units increased from 8 to 27.

  • Outpatient consultations increased from 14 to 76.

A great effort against COVID-19

In 2021, the company made a great effort in meeting the needs of its customers in the face of COVID-19, a pandemic excluded from insurance contracts, but which DKV has covered with a cost higher than 16,000,000 euros.

In total, 145,746 diagnostic tests (PCR and antigen tests) were provided, which costed 8,064,973 euros. With regard to hospitalisations, a total of 812 were authorised, at a cost of 3,733,995 euros, and 102 insured customers were admitted to the ICU, amounting to a cost of 3,520,596 euros. In total, 447 insured customers passed away.

2021-2025 Imagina Plan

As a result of an intensive collaborative process of reflection in which the employees participated, the company prepared the new strategic plan that will set the pace until 2025.

Under the premise "Together, we take action for a healthier humanity", the plan is based on the following pillars:

  • Creating value for everyone
  • Sustainable growth
  • Improving the health and well-being of our customers
  • Simple and personalised relational experiences
  • Developing people
  • Bi-modal, agile and innovative organisation
  • The power of information
  • Intensive use of technology

Commitment to digitisation

2021 has been a great year for DKV's digital health ecosystem, which has gained more than 187,000 users.

The Quiero cuidarme Más Quiero cuidarme Más telemedicine platform has reached almost half a million downloads (432,000).

In December, Quiero cuidarme Más managed to break its own monthly record of users, with more than 35,000 (30,000 in November), and of sessions, with more than 62,000 (an overall total above 940,000). As a result, the application has recorded over one million sessions since its creation and the growth rate of users increased by 47.5% on the previous year.

In 2021, 170,000 medical chats were attended, of which 24,000 were carried out in December, that is, more than twice the year's overall average.

Environmental activists

In 2020, DKV presented "Planeta Salud", its strategy to help curb climate change until 2030, as it believes that there can be no human health without a healthy planet. Within the framework of this strategy, different actions aimed at achieving the set targets have been carried out throughout 2021. Among them, the following are particularly worth mentioning:

Canciones para los que no quien escuchar (Songs for those who don't want to listen)

With the aim of getting across the message that there is no human health without a healthy planet, the insurer launched the initiative "Canciones para los que no quien escuchar (Songs for those who don't want to listen)”. Through songs composed by leading Spanish artists, the intention is to raise awareness among the general population about the environmental problems affecting the health of the planet and people, such as air pollution, plastics and the nature deficit. The first artist to give her voice to this project was India Martínez, with the song "Dejamos de respirarnos", about air pollution, and the second was the group Dvicio, with the track "Hazlo por ti", about plastic pollution.

DKV has also launched a content platform where you can read relevant scientific information on the relationship between people's health and the environment. Moreover, each musical collaboration is accompanied by an informative documentary by the singers and environmental experts and a music video of the song.

Memory forest

One of the commitments of "Planeta Salud" is to plant 1 million trees by 2030. To that end, the insurer has been promoting plantations in different parts of Spain since 2020.

Restoring forests has become one of the strategies for climate mitigation, given its potential to capture carbon, as well as to provide additional benefits, such as creating habitats to alleviate the biodiversity crisis.

In March 2022, DKV created the first memory forest due to COVID-19, in memory of its 768 customers deceased in 2020.

A seed paper card with a remembrance message from relatives was hung on each tree, which over time will become flowers growing from beneath the trees.

Following this symbolic gesture, the company collected the messages of all the families of customers who were locked down due to COVID-19 and organised a voluntary initiative with its employees to place them on the remaining trees. These remembrance messages were also compiled and posted on a commemorative website.

City Health Index

The City Health Index is a report presented by DKV and Idencity that analyses the health status and determinants in the 50 provincial capitals and 2 autonomous cities.

This Index is the result of observing 78 indicators that, grouped into five dimensions (population health, environment, socio-economic and labour conditions, community, and health services) and twelve thematic categories, provide an approximation to the concept of health.

The cities with the best performance in preventive activities, health promotion and healthcare are Pamplona/Iruña, Pontevedra, Madrid, Barcelona and A Coruña.

Health and Environment observatory

The Health and Environment Observatory's report, prepared in collaboration with ECODES and presented in 2021 under the title "Climate change and health. The fight against climate change, the greatest challenge for global health in the twenty-first century", warns about the need to adopt urgent measures that reduce the temperature and restore biological diversity in order to protect our health.

The publication is divided into four blocks: tackling climate change could be the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century; the impact of climate change on human health; COVID-19, forests, nature, biodiversity and health in relation to climate change; and the healthcare community in the face of climate change.

Activists against childhood obesity

The fight against childhood obesity and overweight is a cause in which the insurer has been working for years. In 2021, the company warned of this problem, which affects 1 in every 3 children in Spain in three ways: 

  • Me planto ante la obesidad (I stand firm against childhood obesity) was a travelling action by artist Rosalia Banet that consisted in "planting" 9 figures that recreated children, 3 of whom suffered childhood obesity and 3 were overweight. The ephemeral exhibition was held in emblematic places in Madrid and Barcelona, such as the Spanish House of Representatives and Plaza Cataluña, with the aim of drawing attention to the need to address this problem.

  • To encourage people to take action, DKV also launched a Manifesto in favour of education that promotes comprehensive health through a petition on for schools to teach healthy habits in a consistent and all-encompassing way.

  • With the aim of achieving further reach, the insurer also joined the Fluye Project, created by the Trilema Foundation and in which Danone also collaborates.

Women's health Activists: #TimeToTakeCareOfYourself

The The DKV project carried out together with the Malasmadres Club integrated contact with nature, through meditations and outdoor exercise, into its proposals to improve the well-being and physical and emotional health of mothers, which has been sorely tested during the pandemic, as reflected in the report "The time to take care of oneself and breathe".

Inclusion Activists

Fundación Integralia DKV celebrated its 21 years by acknowledging companies, entities and individuals in an event held in Madrid. Under the title "Where is the disability?", the event reflected on the shared responsibility of people with disabilities being able to access employment.

The awards were given in different categories: inclusive company, received by Metrovacesa and its CEO, Jorge Pérez de Leza; social economy, collected by the TEB Group and its CEO, Manuel Morales; and employee of Fundación Integralia DKV, which went to Gerardo Pineda, supervisor of the Madrid centre.

Integralia distinctions were also awarded to companies, individuals and entities that defend diversity, personalising job posts, developing people and supporting everyone part of this family.

These included the following: KONECTA and its Foundation; Institut Catalá de la retina; Hospital Sant Joan de Déu; Numintec; Moventia; Inserta from ONCE Foundation; Ignacio Pintos; Europ Assistance; Mútua de Terrassa; Oxfam Intermón; Josep Sayós; Pilar Moya; and Pablo Marín.

Fundación Integralia DKV was created as a social entrepreneurship initiative by DKV Seguros executives. Its mission is labour integration for people with disabilities. It was established in the year 2000 with only nine employees, and today it already has eight centres spread across Spain and 530 employees.

To this day, more than 4,000 people with physical, organic, sensory and mental health problems have benefited from the Foundation's work, either due to receiving training or being hired in their special employment centres or in companies and institutions.

Acknowledgement of the most committed health professionals

DKV held the 7th edition of the DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards, which paid homage to healthcare professionals for their fight against COVID-19 in a special coronavirus edition. The event took place in Madrid in November, and four special acknowledgements were received by Organización Médica Colegial, Consejo General de Enfermería, Sociedad

de Medicina Interna and Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria. With regard to the awards, the África Directo Foundation won the Solidarity Organization Award for a project that improves protective measures against COVID-19 infection; Dr Ignacio Díaz de Tuesta Revilla collected the Solidarity Healthcare Professional Award for the project Andalucía Respira; and Hospital San Juan De Dios del Aljarafe received the Solidarity Digital Health Initiative Award for the programme "Tele-Covid: humanizando y optimizando la asistencia en tiempos de pandemia”.

DKV: source of excellence

DKV’s philosophy involves all its employees working to achieve the highest standards of quality and service. These efforts have not gone unnoticed, and in 2021 DKV received several acknowledgements:

Best Workplaces

  • The company is ranked 6th in the category of organisations with 500 to 1,000 employees in a year marked by the pandemic, and it is one of the few companies to have maintained one of the highest positions in the BWP ranking for 13 consecutive years.

  • DKV is the fifth best company to work in Malaga according to Ranking Best Workplaces 2021 in this city.

Pacesetters in healthcare

  • The DKV Group received the Silver Star award, given by ADECOSE, for its service quality.

  • Fundación Integralia DKV's Digital Diversity Hub won the second prize of the Supercuidadores Awards.

Responsible business

  • Corporate Responsibility Commitment Award "The 10 best social innovations of 2020" for the #DoctorsAgainstCovid Spain and Peru.

  • DKV obtained the cultural seal from the Empresa Cultura de Cataluña Foundation for the DKV Arteria programme.

  • DKV Impacta won the Corporate Acknowledgements of the Ibero-American Summit "Insurance in the 2030 Agenda".

  • Josep Santacreu was recognised with for his personal trajectory in his commitment towards CSR in Catalonia.

  • Josep Santacreu received the 2021 Humanizar award for actively promoting health and social work.

  • DKV Seguros received the second prize in the 3rd Edition of the Generacción Awards for an intra-entrepreneurship project among the senior group of people.

  • The 7th edition of the Capital Awards recognised DKV Seguros with the CSR Best Practices Award.

In Spain, DKV is present throughout the entire country, with a broad network of offices and consultancies serving nearly 2 million customers.