DKV Medialia Movement

DKV Medialia Movement Programme

We support brokers with the aim of promoting Corporate Responsibility in their business


Do you want to be a responsible insurance broker?

Join the DKV Medialia Movement to earn points and transform your impact into business opportunities. We share our experience and tools to help you take responsibility in your business.

How does the Medialia Movement work?

We launch 3 challenges throughout the year:

Environmental Challenge

Este año las acciones del reto medioambiental se orientarán a las 3r: reducir, reciclar y reutilizar.

Hemos promovido la sostenibilidad dando a conocer maneras de reducir el impacto ambiental, informando sobre cómo alcanzar la ecoeficiencia en la oficina y el hogar e incitando a mediadores, empleados y agentes y sus clientes a adoptar comportamientos más sostenibles.

Si quieres saber más al respecto te invitamos a escribirnos un correo a

Responsible Business Challenge

If you still don't know how well-being at work can improve your and your collaborators' day-to-day, don't miss this challenge.

Launch pending confirmation.

Social Challenge

El objetivo principal es fomentar y acompañar las iniciativas solidarias propias de los mediadores inscritos.

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the challenges are combined with other transversal actions:


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LinkedIn competition

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Medialia sessions

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How to participate

DKV Medialia Movement
Step 1


If this is the first time you are participating in the Movement, register by filling out the following form.

If you have already participated in the Movement, start by signing the Commitment to the 2022 Medialia Movement here.

In addition, discover your new community on LinkedIn: 

DKV Medialia Movement
Step 2

Take action

During the year, we will send you the guidelines to participate in the challenges and transversal actions to your email, that is, the one you provided us on the registration form. Remember! Please provide us your DKV email address, not your personal one.

Do you have any doubts about if we have the correct information so we can add the points? write to us at and we will update the information.

If you want us to support you when carrying out your own actions or if you have any questions, you can write to us at:

DKV Medialia Movement
Step 3

More actions, more points

  • You will earn points for each action that you participate in. The more points you earn, the more options you will have to enjoy recognition and the experience!

  • At the end of the programme, the brokers and agents who have accumulated more points will receive a donation check to be awarded to their NGO of choice. See terms and conditions.

  • Are you an exclusive agent? Now Medialia Movement points
    also add up in the Excellence Club! Join the
    movement to obtain more points and climb the ranking.

DKV Medialia Movement
Step 4

Get your accreditations

For every challenge you accomplish, you will obtain a DKV accreditation, which recognises your work during the year:

  • Accreditation 1: 2022 Broker committed to Responsible Business.

  • Accreditation 2: 2022 Broker committed to the Environment.

  • Accreditation 3: 2022 Broker committed to Social Action.

The recognition includes: certificate, online logo to add to your email signature.

What does it bring to your business?

To the exclusive network

It builds loyalty, retains and attracts customers by using sales arguments linked to sustainability and social impact.

Earn recognition that will make your commitment visible and strengthen your relationship with customers.

To the broker network

Save on costs and make an efficient use of resources. 

Increase your employees' motivation and identification with the company, improving productivity.

Anticipate any legislative changes.

To both networks

Develop a differentiating element for your business.

Improve your reputation and image, building trust in customers and collaborators.

Generate partnerships with other actors.

Join the DKV Medialia Movement for a healthier world.

Are you one of us?