Sugar manifesto

Reducing sugar consumption

DKV shows you the benefits of reducing your daily sugar intake


At DKV, we are aware that some of the main issues affecting people's health are food related.

We have been working for some time to bring attention to and try to solve public health problems such as being overweight, sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity, promoting projects such as the First childhood obesity study in Spain, the 'Escuelas de la Milla', organising workshops and TEDx talks with renowned nutritionists, to promote physical activity and healthy habits, essentially to build awareness and foster prevention.

Currently, one of the issues that most concerns health experts is the large amount of sugar we consume without realising it. In this regard, we want to do our bit to achieve a society that is more informed and more aware of its purchasing and consumption decisions.

Download the manifesto*

* Last version by Carlos Ríos reviewed by Jesús Vioque.

How do we deal with the problem?

DKV presents a manifesto that represents a step forward in order to disclose the risks, causes and consequences for human health of an abusive consumption of sugar.

However, DKV also commits itself to implement policies that improve public health and, specifically, that reduce the consumption of sugar among the population.

For this reason, the company presents a list of commitments, elaborated and agreed upon by a prominent group of DKV expert professionals, and has been assisted by the dietician-nutritionist, Carlos Ríos, creator of the 'Realfooding' movement. 

Who is Carlos Ríos?

Carlos Ríos (Huelva, 1991) studied Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Pablo de Olavide University (Seville). A non-conformist dietition-nutritionist, he is the creator of the Realfooding movement, a lifestyle that has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, especially through his Instagram account @carlosriosq.

His mission is to use knowledge to fight against the multinationals that offer ultra-processed products and to bring real food back to the people.