MadBlue 2022 sponsorship

We want to act for the planet!

As health activists, we are sponsoring the MadBlue festival, which is the most relevant innovation, sustainability and culture festival for sustainable development


The MadBlue festival is a clear call to action to save the environment: act now for the planet.

At DKV we are working with MadBlue through sustainability, innovation and art to promote an awareness-raising process aimed at the sustainable development of Europe.

Join our activist commitment towards the environment! 


One of the basic pillars on which to support the company's sustainable growth is innovation.

During the festival, we have the challenge of presenting disruptive solutions to improve the quality of life of people, related to the problems arising from climate change. 

Code camp

Training activities based on innovation and creativity in which we engage the very youngest, together with, in this workshop that aims to explore and find technological solutions for improving people's lives. 


Health and Environment Observatory

What can we do to improve our life in a sick environment? Aprovechamos el altavoz de los Madblue Talks para dar a conocer la labor divulgadora que ha venido desarrollando el DKV Health and Environment Observatory a lo largo de los últimos 14 años.



We are taking action to create links between the ability of art to question what surrounds us and how it invites us to raise awareness to exercise true transformative power.

We are participating with Arteria DKV and collaborating in the production of 3 works of art that can be visited during the festival. 

"Give back the fire" exhibition

This takes up the myth of Prometheus to take a symbolic tour of history and remind us that it is time to make a clear commitment to other energy sources. 


Work of art by Nuria Fuster

Using dust as a symbol, the "Geological dreams" exhibition invites us to reconnect with our origin and to think about what we will become one day. At the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque.


Work of art by Maider López

The exhibition "El Bosque del Prado" is a rereading of the museum's collection that brings together past, present and future, proposing new ways of looking at and relating to our environment.



As part of our commitment to plant a million trees by 2030, in our strategy"Planeta Salud", we are working with MadBlue on the reforestation of the metropolitan forest of Madrid, with the aim of expanding the green areas and reducing CO2.

Planting 500 trees in Madrid

We are joining the non-profit organisation Reforest Project to promote the reforestation of a forest of 500 trees in Madrid, with the aim of creating a fast-growing Japanese forest.