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Fundación Integralia DKV

Fundación DKV Integralia is a non-profit organisation founded by DKV Seguros. Its mission is the social-labour inclusion of people with disabilities and chronic/degenerative diseases, giving priority to people with severe disabilities and with difficulties in achieving inclusion in the labour market.

With this goal in mind, the foundation has established up to seven special employment centres (CEE in Spanish), where it provides call centre, digital marketing, advisory and training services.

Integralia DKV


DKV remains committed to the third sector and in 2021 donated to more than 49 organizations. The organizations we collaborate with include: Ship2B, Vicente Ferrer, Food Bank (FESBAL), Open Arms, Amigos de los Mayores, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu-Programa Cuida’m.

During the year, we launched several shared value projects aligned with our strategy and the SDGs.

Main initiatives
Medicine and Solidarity Awards

Medicine and Solidarity Awards

Special COVID edition of the Medicine and Solidarity awards, a benchmark initiative in the social and healthcare field. The 3 winners received €10,000, in addition to 4 special acknowledgements to companies for their high level of engagement during the pandemic.

Solidarity march

Solidarity march

The charity march is the company's annual volunteering event. The 2021 edition included the participation of 245 volunteers (employees, relatives, brokers etc.), who collected 325.5 kilos of litter.

Zuera forest plantation

Planting trees

Various tree planting actions through the Plant for the Planet foundation. We also created the "Memory Forest", a tribute to the 768 customers who were victims of the coronavirus, in which a tree was planted in memory of each of them.

COVID initiatives

COVID initiatives

Continuation of the initiatives launched in 2020 to combat COVID-19 (#medicosfrentealcovid, volunteering with #mipersonamayor and #conectandoteseguro).

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We measure the impact of our social activities using LBG's methodology

Our contribution to the SDGs


The strategic reflection process carried out in 2021 has enabled us to reaffirm our commitment to understanding and addressing our customers' concerns and needs, being close to them to listen to them and act with empathy, excellence and proactivity. To achieve our customer commitments, we are focusing on working on developing 6 key lines:

  • Operational Excellence: ensuring excellence in operations and service quality

  • Self-service: improving the digital ecosystem by supporting customers whenever they need it

  • Simplicity: making processes easy for customers, eliminating bureaucracy and improving user-friendliness

  • Omnichannel service: Improving service channels and the integration of all procedures in the CRM to ensure 360 vision

  • Personalisation: offering a personalised service and letting our customers enjoy unique differential experiences

  • Humanisation in the relationship: because we are clear that the relationship between people is what creates the bond of relationships.


Managing our customers' complaints is an important tool that allows us not only to address and resolve any problems, but also to increase their satisfaction through a positive attitude and active listening by the company.

To ensure that satisfaction, we seek to facilitate as much as possible the channels through which policyholders can contact DKV: in person, via the contact center (by telephone or email), and directly at the Customer Defence Service via email, postal mail or the customer area on the website.

Claims and complaints management 2021


Our Ethical Commitments Statute is the framework that guides DKV's work with the varied external public, with which the company interacts as per its corporate values.

General insurance providers

With regard to general purchasing, there is a Provider Approval Process that consists of two parts:

1. Approval during the contracting process: for providers over €60,000, before contracting them, they must fill in the initial approval questionnaire on the DKV purchasing platform.

2. Annual approval: the Purchasing Department carries out annual provider approval through DKV's purchasing platform, according to the following criteria:

  • The turnover of providers to be approved must represent at least 80% of the company's general expenses.

  • Critical providers must be included (critical outsourcing)

In any case, approval involves completing the initial assessment questionnaire with the following fields:

1. General information (6 questions)

2. Regulatory compliance (9 questions)

3. Corporate responsibility and responsible business (15 questions)

4. Environmental management (8 questions)

5. Safety and Occupational Risk Prevention (5 questions)

6. Quality and guarantees (4 questions)

New developments being implemented
  • It will be required to issue an order to contract a DKV provider. 

  • New provider validation and assessment process, which will be reflected in:

    •  New terms and conditions to be signed by all providers, including the General Contracting Terms and Conditions, the Confidentiality Agreement, the Munich Re Code of Conduct, the Anti-Corruption Agreement and the UN Global Compact.

    • New provider assessment questionnaires, prioritising ESG criteria: Business profile questionnaire and ESG profile questionnaire.  

Healthcare professionals

Medical professionals are included in the contract with aspects such as: guaranteeing the quality of the service, respecting human rights, non-discrimination against patients, security of personal data and following ethical and deontological principles. In addition, through Plan Colabora, we foster a relationship of value and trust with them, and we recognise their charity work through the Medicine and Solidarity Awards, which are held every two years.


Healthcare Professionals

Agents and brokers

In terms of brokers and agents, contracts are governed by the new European Directive (IDD), which is already being implemented in DKV. There are two aspects to take into account: one concerning the mandatory compliance with the Insurance Contract Act, and the other regarding its adherence to the Code of Use and the Ethical Insurance Pact.

DKV is also committed to Unespa's good practices with respect to healthcare and processing policyholders' data, as well as a recently approved extension agreed with Adecose and other brokers' associations. 

Internally, a Decalogue of responsible sales has been presented to brokers.

Lastly, taking out products online is also encouraged, thus raising awareness on the impact on the environment. 


In addition, through the programme DKV Medialia Movementbrokers and agents are encouraged to carry out sustainability actions with their customers and employees. 


DKV Medialia programme


Agents and brokers

General insurance providers

The funeral establishments and repair companies with which DKV works do not follow the protocols for companies providing general services. Funeral establishments are subject to specific control protocols (economic, structural, and quality of service provision) included in the SERVIFUN project.

Furthermore, some funeral service providers comply with the "Requirements for organising an Ecofuneral" (by the Tierra Foundation) to be able to provide the DKV Ecofuneral insurance service. Repair companies are provided contracts that include all the ethical principles of conduct established by DKV.

General insurance providers

Sustainable products


We integrate the application of environmental and social criteria from the moment a new product is created and throughout all the stages of its development up to its launch onto the market. We also work on renewing existing products through updating processes, where sustainability criteria are paramount.

Sustainable products