Ethical management

We are the first insurer to obtain the Ethical and Socially Responsible Management Certificate under the Forética SGE21 Standard


Since its inception, DKV has intended to carry out its activity in the most ethical way possible, encouraging excellence in work from all standpoints.

This philosophy is reflected in the following documents:

Ethical Commitments Guidelines

The Ethical Commitments Statute is the framework that directs DKV's work with the various external publics, with which the company interacts in accordance with its corporate values.

They are aimed at our customers, healthcare professionals, brokers, suppliers of general insurance services, suppliers of general services and society: communities where we operate, non-profit companies, the regulatory environment, the public sector, governments and political parties, the insurance sector and the communications media.

See bylaws in pdf 

Code of Conduct 

This is the fundamental instrument that we have to visibly materialise the commitments assumed with all stakeholders and which are set out in our strategic plan.

The purpose of this Code is to provide all our employees with guidelines for appropriate conduct with respect to colleagues and management, as well as with customers and the public. The objective is to foster employee integrity and, as a result, that of the company. 

See Code of Conduct

Ethical Management System

The Ethics Management System sheds light on the elements, tools and communication channels related to DKV Seguros' ethical management, explaining how the incidents or queries regarding ethics are resolved by the organisation, through three new figures, and specifying each element's function. See Ethical Management System