Fundación Integralia DKV

Foundation for workplace integration of people with disabilities


Fundación DKV Integralia is a non-profit organisation founded by DKV Seguros. Its mission is the social-labour inclusion of people with disabilities and chronic/degenerative diseases, giving priority to people with severe disabilities and with difficulties in achieving inclusion in the labour market.

It was launched in 1999, it currently employs almost 500 people in seven centres across Spain and drives international cooperation development programmes in Colombia, Peru and India.

With this goal in mind, the foundation has established up to seven special employment centres (CEE in Spanish), where it provides Call Centre, Digital Marketing, Advisory and Training services.

Prizes and acknowledgements

Desde que se fundó en noviembre de 1999, la fundación ha recibido numerosos premios nacionales y honores, en especial por su compromiso con la integración social de las personas con discapacidad. Estos son algunos de ellos:

  • 2018. ONCE Aragon Solidarity Awards in the “Enterprise” category.

  • 2018. Finalist at the Aragonese of the Year Award. 

  • 2018. SERES Awards for its development cooperation project in Pachacútec, Peru, in partnership with Konecta. 

  • 2017. Finalist in the Fundacom Awards for “I choose to work”.

  • 2017. Vocento for Integration Award for its work in the labour integration of people with disabilities.

  • 2017. Aragon Solidario Certificate of Exceptional Company for the solidarity work with people with disabilities.

  • 2017. ASAPME Award, from the Aragonese Association for Mental Health (ASAPME).

  • 2016. CSR Award from the Peruvian Association of Contact Centres, in the category of “Best contribution in Corporate Social Responsibility”.

  • 2015. APECCO Award to the CSR project in Contact Center for Konecta and Integralia.

  • 2015. International Award for Excellence in CSR as a result of the establishment of Fundació Integralia Vallès.

  • 2014. The DKV Integralia Foundation was a finalist in the CODESPA prizes in the Social Innovation category. Konecta and DKV Seguros, with the project "First career of vocational training in contact with the University of Pachacútec, for young Peruvian people without resources".

  • 2012. Corporate Responsibility Prize at the Noche de la Economía Awards from El Economista, for its extensive work in support of the integration of people with disabilities.

  • 2011. UNO Award for the DKV branch in Cádiz, for its integration of disabled people who work at the Contact Center of Fundación DKV Integralia in Jerez.

  • 2010. Innovation and Social Commitment Award from of the SERES Foundation.

  • 2008. Best Health Ideas of the Year Award from Diario Médico in the Environment category.

  • 2007. CERMI Award in the Labour Market Inclusion category.

  • 2007. Preventia Award

  • 2004. Quality Award from the Catalonian regional government

  • 2003. Among the 10 Spanish best perceived companies for their social action

  • 2002. Award for the Social Initiative in Human Resources Management

  • 2001 FEDEPE Award for Young Woman Manager

  • 2001 Award for Work Without Barriers from Dossier Econòmic

Training as an inclusion tool: Integralia School

Fundación DKV Integralia considers training as a determining tool that supports the foundation's purpose: labour integration of people with disabilities. Through training, we help build and enrich people in an aspect that for different reasons has not been accessible by a large part of the population with disabilities, and one which represents a hindrance to their personal and professional development.

La Escuela Integralia nace en 2013 con el objetivo de ofrecer formación a personas con discapacidad y, a su vez, como una respuesta a las exigencias del mercado y también de sus propios clientes. It is a second opportunity for people with a sudden disability who have been looking for employment for many years due to the difficulty of accessing the labour market.

It also provides an opportunity for people with disabilities who need specialised training in order to facilitate their inclusion in the workplace.

Since its inception, the Integralia School has managed to train 755 people, of which 387 have joined Integralia and 136 an ordinary company.

In addition, as part of the International Cooperation Development Programmes, Fundación DKV Integralia has trained 1,295 people, 903 of which have stable employment, in partnership with local entities and the business sector.

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