DKV Impacta

2nd edition


We promote social innovation projects for a healthier and more sustainable humanity


DKV Impacta is an open innovation call that seeks start-ups and social entities that innovate in health and solve one of these two challenges:

  • La degradación del medio ambiente y los efectos del cambio climático y en la salud de las personas. Illnesses and pathologies directly related to the loss of biodiversity and climate change.

  • La prevención de enfermedades con impacto directo en colectivos en riesgo de exclusión y vulnerabilidad social: people with disabilities and with problems of mental health, women, children and adolescents/youth at risk, immigrants, elderly people and persons deprived of their liberty.

The five selected projects

From Barcelona, Fregata Technologies won with its project FREGATA SPACE, which revolves around diseases related to poor quality and contamination of water and food. 

The Searching Help Factory, from Madrid, is another of the winners with Searching Help, a project aimed at preventing suicide through a mobile application that is installed on the device of patients undergoing psychiatric treatment for a previous suicide attempt.

Asociación Surestea, also in Madrid, was selected for its ComunicaTEA App, an application for electronic devices that promotes communication in healthcare contexts for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder with language difficulties.

Asociación Sofía-Promoción de la Salud, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, won with its project Desayuna Salud, which includes a series of tools that contribute to healthy eating and lifestyle habits through gamification and technology, with the aim of preventing non-communicable diseases by educating a vulnerable group, such as children, in nutrition.

Lastly, from Bilbao, Gaman Diversidad e Inclusión SL was selected for its project aimed at designing and installing Inclusive Changing Modules for people considerably needing personal hygiene support. 


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