Diversity in DKV and in the ERGO group

is part of our culture and strategy


At DKV, we go beyond non-discrimination and create a cultural change that enables us to achieve "multiculturalism" and to place the emphasis on diversity as an added value for the organisation.

Our strategy is to maintain a balance between integration and differentiation, regarding gender, age, nationality and disability. This harmony allows us to generate multiple perspectives, increase creativity and choose from a greater number of options; all of this with a clear objective: the company's growth and the reinforcement of its added value. 

We are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion

Diversity, equality and inclusion are part of our culture and strategy as an organisation. Por eso, ponemos en valor la riqueza que aporta trabajar con personas diferentes entre sí.

Sin tener en cuenta diferencias de género o cualquier otro factor discriminatorio. La igualdad entre hombres y mujeres forma parte de nuestros proyectos estratégicos.

Queremos igualdad de oportunidades para todas las personas!

For DKV, diversity and equal opportunities are inclusive values that promote the inclusion, respect and right to work-life balance of all the people who are part of the company, regardless of their age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic situation or other condition.

Diversity policies are managed through the Equality Plan and the EFR programme, which works on continuous improvement in equality, diversity and work-life balance at the company.

Diversity in the ERGO group

ERGO quiere apoyar y promover la diversidad y el potencial de su personal como parte integral de su cultura corporativa. Un compromiso para crear un entorno de trabajo libre de prejuicios y exclusión, en el que el personal pueda experimentar el ser valorado, independientemente de su género, nacionalidad, creencias religiosas, discapacidades, edad y orientación o identidad sexual. 

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