Satisfied customers

Que nos valoran con un 8.1 sobre 10 en las encuestas de satisfacción

The most important thing lies behind the numbers: the people

With the aim of knowing your opinion about us and what you would like us to improve, we conduct various satisfaction surveys over the telephone and by email. Based on their results, we prepare the Customer Voice Report to learn about our performance and what service we can improve.

The benchmark used in this report is the NPS (Net Sponsor Score), which measures our customers' recommendation rating.

It is calculated using the rating given to the question about recommending the DKV policy to family members or friends, that is, the percentage of responses with a rating of 9 or 10 minus the percentage of responses with a rating between 0 and 6.

Exceptional ratings

In 2019, they rated us with an NPS of 34.22% after using our health policies. DKV also analyses the recommendation rating of those who go to our branches, which is 39.1%.

In addition, insured persons who have used their home insurance give a recommendation rating of 33.32%.

Finally, our death policies obtain one of the highest NPS, with 59.6%.