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PHotoESPAÑA 2022

DKV collaborates with the international photography festival PHotoESPAÑA 2022 and celebrates its 25th anniversary with two exhibitions: "Like" by Eduardo Nave at the DKV Tower in Zaragoza and "Armonía" by Ana Palacios at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

The style of documentation, the visibility of women photographers that were vital in their time, Spanish authors and new ways of expression will be some of the main themes of this year's programme.

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Eduardo Nave PHotoEspaña

"Like" by Eduardo Nave

Like is a work of art through which the author, faced with the overload of stimuli and multiple reactions, pursues the old desire of modernity of exploring a virgin landscape that has not been colonised by people's gaze, no longer observing a crowded scenario.

Ana Palacios

"Armonía" by Ana Palacios

Harmony is a documentary photography essay that explores life in animal sanctuaries. These are spaces dedicated to the protection and care of rescued animals, mainly, from the intensive breeding industry.

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Torre DKV. Avda. María Zambrano 31, Zaragoza. See Google Maps

f/DKV photography with a cause Award

f/DKV photography with a cause Award

We draw attention to the role of photography as a weapon of condemnation and a tool of transparency. Our goal is to try to communicate, transmit and involve all people and groups that, like DKV, feel being "Health Activists" is essential.

The winner will be published via the website and social media on 5 July.

This is our second year!


Exhibitions, workshops and conferences.

In the jargon of photography, f refers to the diagram's aperture, and it allows more or less light to enter the camera. This is precisely what DKV wants to do with its exhibition hall: shed light on projects with a cause, using photography as an instrument. 

This hall's new approach includes holding a contemporary photography award about Health, organising solo exhibitions with renowned photographers, collaborating with photography festivals that are held in the community and bringing international exhibitions.