DKV Grant Women for Art - City Hall of Valencia

Women for art is a joint initiative of DKV Seguros and the City Hall of Valencia that promotes the creation and dissemination of artistic proposals made by women, for a fairer and more egalitarian society.

DKV Grant Women for art



This exhibition takes place in the context of the first edition of the DKV Grant Women for Art - City Hall of Valencia. The call received more than one hundred proposals from artists, among which those by Patricia Gómez and Mª Jesús González have been selected for their Inmersión project. Cuerpos bajo control. With this work, they have poetically addressed a disease usually associated with women: breast cancer.

Here is the result of this project together with a selection of works by women artists included in Colección DKV, which is framed within the DKV Arteria programme; this selection is committed to one of the causes in which the company is serving as a health activist: the well-being of women. 

DKV Grant Women for art

Patricia Gómez and Mª Jesús González

This work was started in the psychiatric hospital Padre Jofré de Bétera, and it unexpectedly unfolds in a way that it is continued in the Oncology unit of another hospital, Clínico de Valencia. When one of us receives the news of being diagnosed with breast cancer, it halts the intention of recording the trace of the absent bodies of the women hospitalised in Ward 6 of the abandoned hospital complex.

Cuerpos bajo control.

Our intention was to work with one of the recurring elements that have a highly significant presence in all psychiatric institutions: baths. Baths played a therapeutic and controlling function in the past, but at the same time, as any trace, it has a testimonial function in the present, with a significant symbolic value.

DKV Grant Women for art


The bath also played a crucial role during my chemotherapy treatment, helping relieve the pain and anguish, while watching the malignant particles drain when emptied. A day before the operation, a radical mastectomy, we made a plaster cast of my body as a farewell ceremony for a part of it and as a way of taking control of what was happening to me.

The work is presented as a dialogue between two different disease processes that are linked by immersion as a therapeutic resource and the loss of identity as a result of the lack of control over the woman's body: in the first case due to being subject to the rules and discipline imposed by the psychiatric institution and in the second case due to being left in the hands of science and subject to the transformation brought by medication and surgery.

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