Miguel Wert

The triumph of everyday life

We coexist with millions of people whose rights are restricted due to having a disability and who live in a silent inequality.

So different, but so alike. Proud of their uniqueness, without having to give up their rights and being treated equally.

They don't fight to be heroes. They fight to stop being victims of a system that does not appreciate diversity and its inherent wealth. They do so anonymously, with actions that are apparently normal, but which for them means breaking down the imposed barriers. Small wins: working, educating oneself, doing sport, maintaining social relations.

Miquel Wert

With the aim of highlighting this "victory of everyday life", DKV wants to celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities by collaborating with the urban artist Miquel Wert in producing a 10 m2 canvas live at the Diagonal Mar shopping centrein Barcelona.

The artist focuses his design on empowering people with disabilities to achieve an inclusive, equitable and sustainable development, with a clear purpose "not leaving anyone behind". Urban art has been a fundamental creative, expressive and political element of social movements, revolutions and major transformations.

To carry out his work, Wert visited Fundación Integralia DKV , which fosters the social-labour integration of people with disabilities.


Fewer barriers, further integration!

Having a disability does not mean being incapacitated.

At DKV, we work towards the social and professional integration of all people