Diet and childhood obesity: causes, consequences and solutions

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The content platform "Where is the limit?" -WITL- has organised, together with DKV, the third and final tour of WITL Talks by DKV 2020. On this occasion, given the current situation, it will be carried out virtually. Despite this, the aim of the talks remains the same: highlighting a social problem from an inspiring perspective, while pursuing values of sacrifice, teamwork, achievement, health, sportsmanship and motivation.

Learn about the four speakers of this talk:

  • LARA ROGUEZ "My passion is my profession" Winner of the "2020 Chef of the Year" award, in her effort of improving our eating habits and with the belief that a good basis and eating correctly from a young age is essential, she will talk about how to add different foods to our recipes in a simple way, so our children eat better.

  • MIGUEL GONZÁLEZ "Ultraman who overcame obesity" Miguel has an incredible story of achievement to tell. In his talk, he will explain how he managed to evolve from being obese to becoming an Ultraman, with the aim of motivating many children and parents and showing them that nothing is impossible.

  • DAVID BLANCO "Let's bring childhood obesity to a halt with more hours of physical activity". A professor of Physical Education, he defends the current need of giving this subject the importance it deserves in the comprehensive development of children and in preventing a sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity. What would we achieve with 5 hours of physical exercise per week?

  • DÉBORA TORRENTE "The healthier the relationship with oneself, the healthier the relationship with your diet" A nutritional therapist and founder of UNODEOCHO, she will talk about how our relationship with food affects many other areas of our health. She helps her patients become aware of the fact that each of us are unique, and our way of eating must therefore also be unique.

Participation in these sessions is free, but in order to be able to connect directly to these WITL Talks by DKV, you must first register via the provided form.


Lara Roguez, David Blanco, Débora Torrente and Miguel González will be the speakers at the next virtual WITL Talks session by DKV.

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